Pokemon Go : How I hunt for Shiny Bronzor & Sharing on what's my daily routines

Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holiday Pokémon Go Trainers!

In this article, I would like to share how I hunt for shiny, I am a 100IV & shiny collector but without WeCatch, it's never easy to meet a 100IV (Perfect IV) Pokemon, and it's base by luck.

People usually asked me a few questions, such as:
How do I hunt for shiny? How many hours do I play daily? How do I check my pokemon IVs?

First, I love to play Pokémon Go with having a target.
Let's start with me before reaching level 40, I never want my trainer to reach level 40; so I don't use my lucky eggs before reaching level 40. Weird huh? People always mention you will meet shinies easily before hitting level 40. Somehow I agree on that, but it's also base on luck and effort!

1. How do I hunt for shiny?
I must say it takes luck cause it's randomly generated, and time for more please refer to question no.2.

2. How many hours do I play daily?
Early morning
After wake up, I will turn on to check the pokemon around my house.

While driving I will turn on Pok
émon Go
Wait a minute, I only touch the phone when the car stopped; don't play while you are driving. The purpose is to walk the eggs; easier to hatch eggs. For safety, it's best to get yourself a Pogo Plus or PokéBall Plus, it will auto catch pokemon or spin PokeStop/ Gym while the car is moving slow.

If you are interested in booking/ reserve for
 PokéBall Plus or Go-tcha, do visit https://shopee.com.my/jwshopofficial

If I am not the driver
Depends on the speed of the car and destination; if the speed of the car is 20 - 30 and destination is more then half an hour to arrive, I will turn on incense, it helps to attract more pokemon to appear. 
(If you turn on incense while the car is moving fast, there are chances of fled/ pokemon runaway)

If I am home for the whole day
I am a Freelance Graphic Designer/ Digital Marketer, Full-Time Influencer: YouTuber & Blogger, most of the time I work remotely from home, I will try to join raids during lunch or evening time, and visit 7 PokéStops 4 Gyms as a daily routine around my housing area.

Roughly min. 6 - 8 hours per day. Sometimes, 1-hour per day (Peek period)

Exercises moment
I use Pokemon Go to motivate myself for a morning walk/ evening walk, roughly 1 - 2 hours walk; sometimes I did evening walk at Uptown Damansara, and on any community day will be 3 hours walk.

How do I check my pokemon IVs?
I am using Poke Genie(Android), some others are using Calcy IV ((Android)
I am an Android user :)

This is a video of how I hunt for Shiny Bronzor

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