The Butterfly Project 6th Birthday Party

The Butterfly Project Birthday and my birthday is in April!
Happy Birthday to all April Babies!

Every time I attend The Butterfly Projects Birthday Party, it reminds me of who I am and how I begin, do what we love with a passion!

What is The Butterfly Project?
It's a community for bloggers to grow together, founder by Tammy Lim, also known her as Mamasan. I love her passion for blogging and building such a good community, they actively have campaigns, events, and workshops, it's a good community to gather blogger learn along the way.

About Me

I started blogging in 2007. Back then, I treat blogging as my dairy. I am a person who loves to explore, experience, learn and share.

At that time, I want to improve my English, until today I am still learning. Everyone learns in a different method. I prefer to communicate with someone so I started to have a penpal but after a while, I receive a letter from the mother, said that he went overseas to study, and that's how we lost contact then I started to write dairy.

During college time, I cleaned and tidied my room preparing for Chinese New Year, then I found my old diary. I opened it, I noticed there are extra lines. Guess what? It's my mom's handwriting, she was an English teacher. Seems there are nothing for me to hide from her, I decided to start dairy in a blog so this is how I begin with.

The Butterfly Project 6th Birthday Party
27th April 2019 - 100 bloggers attended the party! All of them are pretty and gorgeous just the way they are and I love meeting all of them. New friends, old friends, it doesn't really matter, we grow together in The Butterfly Project as a big family.

We have door gifts!!!
The gift of beauty from Yves Rocher Malaysia
Hand draw macaron from Macarons By Madeleine
Pink Necklace from The Butterfly Project

This is not a normal birthday party; usually, we eat and sing a birthday song and leave. There are so a few activities in The Butterflies Project 6th Birthday Party.

They invited Joanne Kam Poh Pohshe is Malaysia Queen's Of Comedy, and she is from Penang! I love her dirty jokes! Funny, at the same time, it helps you to distress. If you love comedy, please follow her on Facebook for more information.

We also have DIY Flower Crown Workshop by Advantgarde Blooms

 This is my first time doing my own Flower Crown, it may seem easy, it's actually not.

There is nothing stopping us to complete it with 1 keyword: "Patient!"

Done! I love simple and nice :)Now we are able to enjoy all the delicious foods from Jomparty Malaysia and tea from T-Stick Malaysia

After the satisfied of our stomachs, all of the butterflies are recharged, and there is 1 thing left to be done for the party! A photo section at the Selfie Garden by Blossom Balloons. They are so beautiful!

3 Butterfly Goddess by winning the title of The Best Dress!!!

Look at their dress, they look so beautiful.

Rawlins almost every year won for the title, he really put a lot of effects in it! Thumbs Up!

Here is a video of The Butterflies Project Turn 6 Birthday Party