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Hi ladies and gentlemen ~
Today topic is about sanitary pads.
Not only for women need to know about, men you need to know it too.

Gain knowledge on this is not only for your (future*) girlfriend, wife, and daughter.
Wait a minute, what's the future for? In case you are too young to have girlfriend :)
This knowledge gives you extra marks to be a better man 

Sometimes guys need to wear sanitary pads too?
There is a disease such as haemorrhoids, which is very common nowadays, not only on women, it happens on men too. They are required to wear sanitary pads after the surgery, while the wound takes time to recover.

The Reasons
Why women need to wear pantiliners

1. Feel fresh All Day
Daily liners — or pantiliners specifically designed to be worn comfortably every day — can help you feel confident and clean. They’re a simple way to stay feeling feminine and fresh. Always Incredibly Thin Liners and ALWAYS Extra Protection Liners are great choices for daily liners that help you feel dry, fresh and confident every day.

2. Manage Discharge
Some women use pantiliners every day to manage vaginal discharge, and others use them primarily mid-cycle (during ovulation) to manage just their increased vaginal discharge. Scented pantiliners are a great option for discharge. ALWAYS has scented options designed to work in a variety of underwear styles.

3. Catch Surprise Periods
A lot of women wear daily liners just in case their period pops up unexpectedly. No embarrassing moments! No big messes! No ruining your favorite jeans.

4. Absorb Postpartum Flow
Moms of new babies might use daily liners for the management of light postpartum flow a few weeks after giving birth. Those who do use pantiliners for a postpartum flow should look for extra leak protection.

5. Protect Against Bladder Leaks
Some women use liners for urinary incontinence because of a sensitive bladder. For light leakage, daily liners will do, although ALWAYS has a great line of products made just for sensitive bladders called ALWAYS DISCREET.


If you do not practice wear pantiliners, you should change panties every three months due to the stains and bacteria accumulated.

What do you need to know about

1. Brand
There are so many brands out there, but which is the one right for you?

2. Comfortable
Is it breathable?
Will it leak?
Will it cause itchiness?

3. How frequent we need to change
In other words, how much can it absorb?

4. Hygiene?
Sanitary pads touch our private parts and it's important for us to know what are we using and what best to prevent from bacteria.

I asked Kevin: "Guess what's this?"
Kevin replied: "Facial mask?"
I replied: "Nope! It's sanitary pads."

We both are impressed with the packaging design!

I really love their packaging; it totally looks so different and beautiful!

JOUI - Joy of using it
Worry-free with JOUI Sanitary Pads

1. Look at the premium packagingWhat so special about it?
  • I don't feel ashamed when it accidentally drops out of my bag or pocket.
  • It's convenient for us to carry around, even for the guy to bring around for your lady.
  • Disposable bag for a sanitary pad.

2. It makes us feel secure
  • 360 Degree fully sealed for woman’s intimacy hygiene
  • It is cotton, soft and slim surface! 
  • It is longer than usual sanitary pads!
  • It is also breathable!
  • It has a double layer to secure the position at our butt and prevent leakage.

3. What's the difference with other brands?
  • It has cozeft technology which promotes 5 benefits like nano silver, negative ions, analgesia, rejuvenate cells, far infrared.
  • One set for a one-month supply.

What are the other BENEFITS of
JOUI Sanitary Pads?
  • Relieve abdominal pain
  • Reduce vaginal discharge
  • Dispel odor
  • Elevate energy levels
  • Alleviate depression
  • Improve micro-circulation
  • Balance PH
  • Repair/ rebirth cells (Anti-aging)

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