Are you durian lovers?
Well, I am!

On 2nd May 2019, Thursday - I was invited to the FORBIDDEN food tasting session. We tasted 3 different types of foods from FORBIDDEN and SunnyHills.

FORBIDDEN was conceived by partnering with SunnyHills, famous for their 'farm to bakery' concept of creating wholesome, good and tasty food from naturally sourced ingredients and creating delicious confections on a large scale with no additives or preservatives.

Why it's known as D24 CIGAR?
D24 is originally known as Raja Kunyit, also known as Musang King (Raja Musang Durian).

Why Cigar?
You will smell it like how cigar lovers smell cigars before they use(eat) it.

FORBIDDEN use 1 kilo of Musang King Durian produce 50 sachets of D24 CIGARE 😱

Durian photo bernamaradio

Durian is banned in public spaces and public transports, such as buses, trains, hotels, and airplanes because of its supposedly foul odor.

FORBIDDEN bring you D24 CIGAR, allow us to share our love for the king of fruit at home and abroad!

Sharing this unique fruit loved by so many in the international markets also require more sophisticatedly designed durian products and that is what Sunny Food Lab Sdn Bhd aims to do without brand - FORBIDDEN (To durian lovers from durian lovers)

is delicious & I love it so much!

This is MAO SHAN WANG DURIAN ROULADE, where can you get this?

Pandan + Durian
such a perfect match, it's very
juicy & delicious!

When it gets into my mouth, pandan cake is so soft, and durian melts. OMG!
You have to try it.

FORBIDDEN creating the best durian experience on this side of heaven.

The best of these king of fruits are flown over 3,000 kilometers to Taiwan to be crafted intro delectable confections by an international award-winning Malaysia chef, trained in the culinary arts of making French pastries.

In order to propel to international level, commercial farming of durians on a large scale while retaining to the unique taste of Malaysian durians is necessary.

"FORBIDDEN was conceived from our love for durians. We aim to bring durians to the next level of innovation and technology using the finest ingredients without additives, starting with selectively sourced premium durians direct from the plantations in Pahang where the best Musang King durians are grown," said Damian Lee, Chief Executive Officer of Sunny Food Lab Sdn Bhd, owner and manufacturer of FORBIDDEN delectable confections.

"We want to create the best experience so that durian connoisseurs could share their love and passion for the yellow and creamy delicacy and take it to further heights. We work together with our partner, Sunny Hills a highly reputable pineapple brand from Taiwan, renowned for their farm to bakery concept and using only natural ingredients," added Damian Lee.

This is the first SunnyHills' World Project, created to honour durians and durian connoisseurs all around the world.

The brand also aims to inspire others to join the cause to create more honest to goodness recipes, working directly with farms and the proceeds are reinvested back into the land which is a tribute to uncompromising craftsmanship. Hence, helping farmers to generate their income and boost our agriculture industry.

By creating these values, we realize that our market is not big enough to have a huge impact on the agriculture industry.

Economies of scale and going international is very important and the more volume we reap the bigger the impact we will have on the industry.

"So, creating a sophisticated brand for durian products, and a brand at an international level is something FORBIDDEN aims to do with our durian products", added Damian Lee.

Now, they produce:

  • 10,000 D24 CIGAR rolls per day
  • 80,000 - 100,000 SunnyHills Pineapple Tart per day

"FORBIDDEN next gold is to open in France! I am hoping for them to open in Malaysia."

Website (Now you can purchase it online and receive it within a week)