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Limited-time Menu for Ramadhan at Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur

Let's visit HARD ROCK CAFE Kuala Lumpur!

Hard Rock Cafe's announced NEW Limited-time Menu*
*Between 1 May and 30 June 2019.

"As we expand our menu with limited-time offerings, we wanted to give guests the chance to go around the world in one sitting," said Anibal Fernandez, Vice President of Franchise Operations & Development for Hard Rock International.

Hard Rock Cafe welcomes guests to explore a section of locally-crafted, globally-inspired sliders and burgers combine global flavours with the traditional burgers fans have loved for decades.

Passion Fruit Sliders RM58
Get jammin' with the winner of the BurgerRocker competition from Guanacaste, Costa Rica, Jacob Gonzalez. Features three burger patties topped with a sweet and smoky turkey bacon jam, creamy Jack cheese, and a crispy onion ring.
💖 This is delicious, look at that dressing!

All-American Sliders RM58
Three burger patties topped with creamy American cheese and a juicy onion ri…

Classic Gel Manicure and Classic Pedicure | CUTIECLE The Nail Experts

I used to sign manicure and pedicure package and also received a few reviews, and I stopped doing them for 2 years due to my previous job. I was working in hospital supplies company, which we are not allowed to do fancy manicure designs; to keep professionalism, clean and tidy.

Today I am here at CUTIECLE The Nail Experts, IPC Shopping Centre. This is my first time doing a review with a special task, I am asked to be a Secret Spy.

Act as a customer, as nobody knows I am here to do the review.
I had made my appointment at 3pm, and I arrived on time but I told Gina, the shop leader: "I am going to the loo and will be back in a while. May I know where is the washroom?". She replied in a good manner.

My nail services at CUTIECLE is classic gel manicure and classic pedicure. Gina provides me with 2 baskets of nails colours, 1 basket of gel colours, and 1 basket of normal nail colours. While looking thru the colours, I am confused with what colour to select. I asked Nini (another gir…

JOUI | Sanitary Pads | Premium Packaging Breathable Soft & Slim

Hi ladies and gentlemen ~
Today topic is about sanitary pads.
Not only for women need to know about, men you need to know it too.

Gain knowledge on this is not only for your (future*) girlfriend, wife, and daughter.
Wait a minute, what's the future for? In case you are too young to have girlfriend :)
This knowledge gives you extra marks to be a better man 😁

Sometimes guys need to wear sanitary pads too?
There is a disease such as haemorrhoids, which is very common nowadays, not only on women, it happens on men too. They are required to wear sanitary pads after the surgery, while the wound takes time to recover.

The Reasons
Why women need to wear pantiliners

1. Feel fresh All Day
Daily liners — or pantiliners specifically designed to be worn comfortably every day — can help you feel confident and clean. They’re a simple way to stay feeling feminine and fresh. Always Incredibly Thin Liners and ALWAYS Extra Protection Liners are great choices for daily liners that help you fee…

The Butterfly Project 6th Birthday Party

The Butterfly ProjectBirthday and my birthday is in April!
Happy Birthday to all April Babies!

Every time I attend The Butterfly Projects Birthday Party, it reminds me of who I am and how I begin, do what we love with a passion!

What is The Butterfly Project?
It's a community for bloggers to grow together, founder by Tammy Lim, also known her as Mamasan. I love her passion for blogging and building such a good community, they actively have campaigns, events, and workshops, it's a good community to gather blogger learn along the way.

About Me
I started blogging in 2007. Back then, I treat blogging as my dairy. I am a person who loves to explore, experience, learn and share.

At that time, I want to improve my English, until today I am still learning. Everyone learns in a different method. I prefer to communicate with someone so I started to have a penpal but after a while, I receive a letter from the mother, said that he went overseas to study, and that's how we lost contact then I…