Pokemon Go: Clamperl Special Quest

Clamperl Special Quest is here!
They look so cute no matter in blue or purple, don't you agree?

Also, they are able to evolve into Huntail or Gorebyss, and it is always by luck!
Some people caught 7 Shinies and get 
6 Huntail after evolving.

We were so excited!
Dino, Nico, Kevin and I, 4 of us decided to hunt for quests together in a car.

We travel from
1. SS15, Subang Jaya
2 Taipan, Subang Jaya
3. One City, Subang Jaya
4. Putra Heights, Subang Jaya

End of the event, each of us done around 70 - 80 quests and I caught 5 shinnies Champerl

I evolved 2, both are Huntail.
Kevin evolved 2, both are Gorebyss.

We both trade, so both of us get 1 Huntail and Gorebyss but it's not lucky.

Click to have larger view

I am glad that I caught a shiny Krabby at One City!
My 1st shiny Krabby!
This is much easier compared to Feebas Limited Research Day

Some of you asked me

1. How I catch so many shinies?

Keep playing

2. How many hours a day?
No specific, early morning open and even before sleep for a while
Lunch, dinner time, and I turn on Pokemon Go whenever I drive out to event

3. Catch how many Pokemon a day
Uncountable, try to catch most of them
If I am out of balls, then just do shiny checks

"I know some of you may have played for 8-hours in a day, but remember: Don't neglect works and people around you."