Lotad Limited Research Day | Pokemon Go

Ho Ho Ho!
It's not Christmas but it's Lotad Limited Research Day!

This event has longer hours compared with Feebas Limited Research Day.
Yes, it's 9 hours! (11 am - 8 pm)

Is it easy or hard to get Shiny Lotad?

Kevin and I started at 11 am from
1. SS15, Subang
2. Sunway Pyramid

Break from 3 pm - 5pm
3. Uptown Damansara
4. Taipan, Subang
5. One City, Subang

6. Putra Heights

End of the day, I caught
4 Shiny Lotad and 1 none shiny 100IV Lotad
9 Shiny Castform
1 Shiny Krabby (It's my 2nd Shiny Krabby  Yay!)
Completed 80 - 90 quests (Didn't really count)
Yesterday I caught my 2nd Shiny Snubbull ðŸ˜

Kevin caught4 Shiny Lotad and 1 none shiny 100IV Lotad
10 Shiny Castform
Completed 80 - 90 quests (Didn't really count)

Below are 2 posts I saw on Facebook:

Sds Kar Wai (A guy I saw he posted on FB)

Played 3 hours today and got 9 of each shiny Lotad and Castform ðŸĪŠ
Grind route: Nilai> Salak Tinggi> KLCC> Pavilion> Sentral> Curve Damansara> 1U> Damansara Uptown> SS15> Sunway Pyramid> Cheras> Kajang> Bangi
Caught ~450 Pokemons and 740,000 XP gained ðŸ”Ĩ
Completed 180 quests

Leen Halim (Posted on FB)
Lotad Day was interesting; being the first 9-hour long event introducing not one, but 2 shiny forms. The highlight for such timeframe for me is not only does it encourage trainers to venture out of their usual play grounds, it also allows more room for participation for those who are normally preoccupied during the usual 3-hour window with personal and professional commitments.
The lowlight (for me at least) is the possibility of shiny encounter decreasing with the increased duration length. Or in other words, the more you maximise the time given, the higher the chance of encounter is ðŸ˜Š
I started off on a good footing, buddying up with my 2 brothers completing the tasks from almost all of the pokestops we spun. A temporary halt due to rain gave us time to discard mons & assess the Lotads we caught. Made a hard stop after playing for 3.5hours, and my next phase would be the planned trip to SS15.
SS15 is a good location; I guess my energy level wore off a little bit, and not to mention I was jumpy almost half of the time spent due to an ongoing "Ops Gagak" - local authorities firing off their shotguns put a damper on my mood ðŸ˜…. Despite that, I trodded along and pretty much covered approx 70% of the area. Initial plan to spend 3 hours there was shortened to less than 2 hours.
As far as results is concerned - 76 tasks, 4 shiny Lotads, 1 hundo (I wish it was a shundo but still grateful!), and 6 Castforms.

Is it harder than Feebas Limited Research Day?
Feebas Limited Research, within 3 hours caught 2 shinies, and Lotad 9 hours, I caught 4 shines, so it's a YES from me.

"All I can say, it's never easy to get shiny, and it's about time and efforts, some of you may say it's luck ðŸ˜Š
My advice, don't give up and keep belief; believe that you can get more shinies."

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