How long will it take for passport renewal in Malaysia? | My hair drama

What a great Friday morning, woke up with great news, Kevin prepared almost everything on accommodation and transport for the coming trip. Suddenly he reminds me of passport!

Both of us look for our passport books when I found mine.

OMG! It was expired yesterday!

UTC Shah Alam is the nearest UTC after a Google search. UTC is open from 2:45 pm until 10 pm on Friday. I arrived UTC at 2:50 pm and everyone started to queue for getting their number, I felt so lucky as I am number 14!

Finally, it's my turn, but my pink hair was rejected at the immigration counter.

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Officer request me to dye my hair into darker colour as current passport photo is in Black & White. If your hair is in a bright colour, they won't proceed as the outcome of the photo, the person will look bald.

The officer is very nice and kind lady, she reminds me it's better to return on the same day to continue to renew my passport because next week is a school holiday, and if I return on the same day, I don't need to queue for a new number, so nice of her!

Without thinking twice, I rush to the nearest Guardian and bought a box of Revlon Top Speed. After I made the payment, suddenly I remember a best friend of mine is a hair stylist, I called her and asked: "Where can I get temporary hair dye/ spray?", she replied to me: "You may look for them at Sunway Pyramid, the street at highest floor."

I believe you must be thinking why do I still want a temporary hair colour which I have bought the hair dye, right? Cause I just bleach and dye my hair on 13 March! I wish to keep the color of my pink hair. So I  rushed all the way to Sunway Pyramid, found the temporary black hair colour shampoo at the 3rd shops which I visited, the name Top Secret Studio.

Happily, rush home at 5 pm, and found out the pump was SPOILED!

End up dye my hair with Revlon Top Speed, you just need 5 minutes, don't need to wait for 30 - 45 minutes and my hair turned black.

6.55 pm arrived at UTC Shah Alam, just noticed their break time from 7 until 8 pm. As she promised, I don't need to take a new number to queue, once 8pm I look for her at the counter, and I finally get my new passport at 8:40 pm.

Phew~! What A Day! 
Lesson learn.

What you need to renew your passport in Malaysia?

  1. Bring your current/ old passport
  2. Bring your IC
  3. Black hair/ Dark hair/ Dark brown hair is alright
  4. Black hair clips (Female)
  5. Tie your hair up (If you have long hair)
  6. Dark top/ Shirt
  7. RM200 cash (No credit cards allow; cash only)


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