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Pokemon Go | February Community Day : Swinub

16 February 2019 - February Community Day started at Americas and I finally caught a Shiny Nidoran!

Great News!They have confirm on community day, you are able to receive 10 Sinnoh Stones via 10 battles - 5 times battles with friends + 5 times battles with leaders. Do you manage you get all 10?

If you do not know what's Sinnoh Stone for? It's to evolve your Pokemon, refer to the list below:

17 February 2019 - Finally Swinub Community Day have arrived and you are able to evolve Piloswine to Mamoswine using Sinnoh Stone.

Kevin and I was at Setiawalk, Puchong. The weather are really warm since Chinese New Year, and a lot of people fall sick, please drink more water.

As usual, Community Day event start at 11am. After walking for 25 minutes, finally I caught my 1st Shiny Swinub. Do you remember how long for you to catch your 1st Shiny Swinub? Share with me.

2 of my friends, they caught their 1st Shiny Swinub after walking for 1 hours. OMG! This reminds me of my Bulbasaur Community Day.