Pokemon Go: Safari Zone 2019: Brazil - Shiny Psyduck | It's my "Itik Day: Another Lucky Day"

26 Jan 2019 it's the first day of Safari Zone!
I didn't travel to Brazil, I just hunted around Selangor Area. 

Kevin and I are from Kelantan, we miss our Kelantan food so much and we decided to have breakfast at Capital Nasi Dagang Kelantan at Damansara Uptown. We both ordered Nasi Dagang Curry Chicken and a Roti Kahwin.

Image from thefoodbunny.com

As usual, what we do is on our Pokemon Go at home, and slowly drive around Putra Heights to Damansara Uptown, and keep catching Psyduck and Taillow because the shinny is released! (All the way no shiny) After satisfied our stomach, we head to IKEA Damansara, meeting friends and make some shopping before Chinese New Year.

On the way back, our conversation:

Kevin: Someone just catch Shiny Psyduck at Damansara Uptown.
Joanne: We were there but no shiny.
Kevin: Ya lo.
Joanne: Why not we go over later.
Kevin: You want to go again?
Joanne: Yup, after all we are passing by.

Kevin: Okay.

Once we arrived Damansara Uptown, surprised came!

Yes! I caught 2 Shiny Psyduck back to back at Damansara Uptown, and at this moment my eggs hatched back to back Riolu! Double Lucky!

When I reached back to Putra Heights, I caught another Shiny Psyduck ~ Gosh! Really it's my "Itik Day" mean's Duck Day! (Itik is Duck in Malay)

After a good nap, I went for Kyogre raid, guess what? I caught Shiny Kyogre! I want Shiny Kyogre so badly as raided for 67 times, this is my 2nd Shiny Kyogre. 1st Shiny Kyogre was caught a day before after so many raids, but yesterday was not raid by me, thanks to Kevin helped as I full day was busy with events. What a lucky day!

27 Jan 2019 - second day of Safari Zone!
We headed to Cheras to have breakfast with relatives. Sunday is family day, make sometimes for your family, don't get addicted over the game too much; know how to balance them. Along the way to Cheras, we still hunt of Psyduck and Taillow, but please bear in mind, if you are driving, please stop playing; drive safe, unless you are using Pogo Plus/ Go-tcha Wristband/ Poke Ball Plus.

We had Dim Sum as breakfast
 at Grand Imperial, Sunway Velocity Mall. Breakfast & chit-chat, it's surely a warm combination.

Image from blog.tableapp.com

After breakfast, they decided to find out where's the location of Air Kolam Panas Hulu Langat. Kevin and I just sit back and catch our Pokemons ... hahaha ... After all we are not rushing to anywhere. Kevin finally caught his 2nd Shiny Psyduck.

Once we leave Sunway Velocity, I caught a Shiny Psyduck, it's my 4th Shiny Psyduck, (Kevin was like WTH?) I know, right? After all I have enough of Shiny Psyduck, now I want shiny Taillow. I know a lot of you still don't own any Shiny Psyduck, don't stop catching or you want to trade Shiny Taillow/ Shiny Driftloon with me. (Please do PM me)

In the evening, we meet up with a friend of mine at Damansara Uptown. Damansara Uptown, it's a good place for Pogo trainers to grain pokemons, collect Poke balls, and raids. We had our dinner at Long Time Ago, The Starling Mall. It was our first tried on their Sesame Oil Noodle (Soap/ Dry), not bad with the price of below RM10 per bowl.

We went to raid Groudon after our dinner. 20 accounts in a lobby, Kevin is in another lobby, also 20 accounts. Wow! A lot of players around here. Another surprise ~ My friend and I caught Shiny Groudon! Wohooo ~! It's my second Shiny Groudon.

After grain for hour, no shiny found and we tried the latest SoyLab than Yum Cha at Starbucks before we leave Damansara Uptown. While on the way to SS2 to drop my friend, I caught 2 Shiny Psyduck. They hates me, I know ... It just happened. LOL!

This is my friend's phone

Total I have 8 Shinnies in 2 days, 6 Shiny Psyduck, 1 Shiny Kyogre, and 1 Shiny Groudon. Don't give up and keep catching!

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