Local Brand Tea / Milk Tea : Holim Giant Tea | AEON Big Mid Valley Mega Mall

We head of Milk Tea from many other countries.
Now Malaysia
we have our very own Milk Tea too

Holim Giant Tea - 3 Best
1. Big
2. Cheap

3. Worth it

If you are Hokkien Lang (Hokkienese), you understand what's Holim mean's, Holim (好喝) mean's Tasty Drinks in Hokkien.

What's special about Holim?
The usual pearl that we see is in black/ dark brown, one of the pearl at Holim is also known as Magic Pearl, it white in colour and it's contains Yogurt! When you bite it, wow ~ I love it!

As I mentioned BIGAs usual, there are 3 sizes - small, medium and big, but Holim BIG is 1000ml
I am not KIDDING, 1000ml!!!

How Cheap is cheap?

Small = RM6

Medium = RM7
BIG = RM8 - RM9
I visited Holim with a few of my friends, so that we are able to taste a few flavors.

(Left to Right)
Roll 1: Eddy Rush, Leong Wai (Betty's Husband)
Roll 2: Ivy Gan, Joanne Wee (me)
Roll 3: Betty

Mango Green Tea

Rose Puree Tea

Strawberry Pudding Yogurt Smoothies

Signature Ovaltine Milk Tea with Ice Cream

Signature Brown Sugar Coco with Pearl
This is my favorite

Oh ya ~ Before I forget
The drinks from Holim, are recommended to drink within
3 Hours

Why not support our local brand with fusion local taste tea/ milk tea