Feebas Limited Research Day | Pokemon Go

Hello Trainers! Welcome back.

I am so sorry as I do not manage to do video for Feebas Limited Research Day as my phone is running out of space/ memory, recently attended many events because Chinese New Year is around the corner!

Today, Kevin and I were at Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur due to we have bad experienced of catching shiny at One City Mall on Totodile Community Day; the spawn rate of shiny is very very very low.

We arrived Mid Valley Megamall at 10am, after taking our breakfast, we (actually just me) rushed to AEON, Mid Valley, as they are having promotions from 12th to 17th January 2019, exclusive for AEON Members only, I was here shopping yesterday, and today returns for redemption! For more information, click on the link http://ma19.loyalty-programme.com/

GAN JIONG! (Nervous in Cantonese)
As I was waiting for my queue at AEON, it's 11am! Start spinning and catching, and WHY I CAN'T GET GREAT THROWS? I was too nervous ... lol ... 
Luckily after 5 minutes, I am done with AEON, we straight away focus on completing tasks. 

1st batch, 3 tasks, none shiny ~
Keep searching for poke stops!
Guess what?
I caught a Shiny and it's Purple but not Feebas, it's Wailmer ... hahaha

Surprise Joanne: Dear, you see!
Kevin: Wow! Which Wailmer? What CP?
Surprise Joanne: CP547
Kevin: Oh ~ I caught but not shiny, lucky you.

2nd batch, 3 tasks, none shiny too ~
At this moment, hatched an egg.

Panic Joanne: Yeah! Finally hatched egg.

Kevin: What's that?
Panic Joanne: Aw! Gastly, but not shiny (Then I ignore)
After 2 hours, I checked the IV with Poke Genie, it's a Perfect IV Gastly!

100IV Gastly

But during that moment, I don't bother Gastly and just focusing on completing tasks to get a shiny Feebas.

3rd batch, 3 tasks, none shiny.
When I was in the car about to leave Mid Valley, hatched another egg, it's a 96IV Smoochum and I finally caught my 1st Shiny Feebas at the 10 task with 88IV, I feel grateful.

We head over to Kuchai Lama with a few reasons:
1. We finished spinning Poke Stops in Mid Valley
2. Kuchai Lama, over there have a lot of Poke Stops around the area.

3. I have event around there at 2pm.

Another surprised as I caught my second Shiny Feebas at the 20 with 71IV, not that bad, it's just for collection.

After my event, when I return to Putra Heights, Subang Jaya around 11pm, I caught a Shiny Zigzagoon!

This is definitely my lucky day and today total completed 25 Limited Research Tasks, with 2 Shiny Feebas I am very happy with my result. I know some of them completed 40 tasks and still don't get a single shiny, I feel you, but never give up, now shiny is release, you may get the Lucky chance to catch them at wild!

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