2019 New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year 2019 to all of you!

A brand new year; a new start.

Let me share with you about my experiences on 2017, it's been a tough year, working in a company with stable income, which I am able to travel, sounds good? Not really, getting more and more stressful due to workload, and I always get tired after I reached home. The feeling of just rest at home, and from there, I 
less meeting friends, less attend events, and slow down on my blog.

On 31 Dec 2018, everyone shared about Look Back 20182018 getting elder, think wiser, get more calm, listen more to others, and I learn a lot. Early 2018, it's almost the same as 2017, and my health is getting worst, I get sick almost every month, and due to stress, i gain weight, this is a nightmare!

On June 2018 I did a health screening and the result seems not so well. I started my new resolutions on July 2018, which is eat healthy, and I total lose 6KGs. I also startup an Online Shop on Shopee name JW Shop, under JW Solutions. JW Solutions provides Digital Marketing Service and Online and Offline Graphic Design services, such as: logo, name card, banner, bunting, menu, poster, billboard, backdrop, edm, and etc. Whereby, JW Shop selling Go-tcha wristband, Pokeball Plus, beauty products and etc.

Nothing comes easily, everything started from ZERO. Just be patient, and always remember to learn how to walk before you run. 

My 2019 New Year Resolutions - Better self
  1. Be more focus on works
  2. Lose Weight (in a healthy way)
  3. Sleep at 10pm (A bit hard, try to)
  4. Exercise every morning
  5. 3 blog / video per week
  6. Do more volunteer jobs at D.Y.O (help more children)
  7. Clear loans
  8. Get more order on JW Shopee
  9. Get more clients for JW Solutions
  10. Build JW Community larger (a better place for passionate DPs)
  11. Save more money for my family and ME!

What's your 2019 New Year Resolutions?
What do you want to improve or make changes in your life?
Remember, don't just write or wish

“Those who cannot change their minds
cannot change anything.”

by George Bernard Shaw


  1. I am proud of you! Despite everything all the workload and stress (although they are still there), you still managed to get back on track and loose the excess weight. And I am just gonna giggle at the goal of sleeping at 10pm. It's really hard. But maybe you could try putting away your gadgets at 10pm instead, that would be easier then sleeping earlier naturally becomes easier.

    All the best in your ventures under JW Solutions and JW Shop sis!


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