Kiper | First Experiential Day with Jon Lai & Master Chris Leong

I am glad to be invited to attend the Kiper First Experiential Day with Jon Lai, founder and Master Chris Leong. The event was held at CLM Bone Setting Mid Valley.

Today the main topic is about
The 15 minutes Back pain Solution!

Kiper effortlessly correct your posture, it's relieve and fix your backpain, and make every chair ergonomic, what do that mean? Read on!

Nowadays we sitting in the office for too long with the wrong posture will easily cause us tired, back pain, slip disc, shoulder pain, and etc. no matter what's your age.

What's next? 
We spend money visiting the right Doctor/ Acupuncture to correct our posture. After correcting, we continue with the incorrect posture then repeating the same cycle.

Wrong Posture > Visit Doctor / Acupuncture > *Repeat

Kiper help to adjust your body posture in 3 seconds! Besides, it is very portable, you can bring it with you everywhere, anytime.

How? Watch the video below, how Master Chris Leong guide thru how to wear Kiper and do easy exercises with Kiper:

Video was taken on the Kiper First Experiential Day

Above photo is the incorrect sitting posture
Image below - That is how you should sit in the office, at cafe or home; anywhere

Wish to know where to buy?

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How to wear video will be upload soon