Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon!
Mid-Autumn Festival use to known as Moon Festival 😊
It's a festival for families to get together on the 15th day of eight month of the Chinese Calendar.

On the 15th of the each lunar month, the moon is at its roundest and brightest, symbolizing togetherness and reunion in Chinese culture.

The harvest moon (the full moon at Mid-Autumn, closest to the fall equinox) is traditionally believed to be the brightest of the year.

We celebrate with moon shape dessert, it's call moon cake. Back in the olden days, those who can't return home, they look at the moon and think of their family. There is a saying that:
The moon is rising from the sea, and all of them is sharing this moment; 海上生明月 天涯共此时

Back in the olden days, I grown up in a big family, stay with my aunt and cousins. They will tell us story related with Mid-Autumn, one of it is Hou Yi & Chang-E, have you heard about it? Once upon a time, there appearances 10 suns in the sky and cause natural disasters, river is dry, plants and animals are dying, even human. There comes an archer, name Hou Yi, he went to the highest mountain and successfully took down 9 suns. Goddess gave him an elixir of immortality, and allow him to fly to heaven, but it's only for 1 person. Hou Yi want to stay with his beautiful wife, Chang-E, so he didn't drink the elixir. Peng Meng heard about it and want the elixir.

One day, when Hou Yi is out for hunting, Peng Meng went to search for elixir, Chang-E know that she no fight with Peng Meng, but not to allow Peng Meng to get the elixir, she than drank the elixir and flow to to the heaven. Hou Yi believe by looking at the moon, he will see Chang-E silhouette.
These beautiful moon cakes from
多那之咖啡蛋糕烘培 Donutes Coffee & Cake Baking Malaysia
AVAILABLE on 20th August onwards!

"I love the packaging design, and it's a good choice as a gift to family members"

It cost RM52 per box (8 PCs)*
- Taro Yolk
- Red Bean Mochi Yolk
- White Lotus Yolk
- Matcha Yolk
- Blueberry
- Japanese Purple Potato Yolk
*Golden Royal (Jin Huang) is not included.
- Golden Royal (Jin Huang) RM7.50

*Don't have to store it in the fridge; room temperature it's good enough.
*Best to eat before 7 days.




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