Chapter 8: First VIsit to Melawati Mall | Baba Nyonya & NY Steak Shack

Baba Nyonya is a place for everyone to enjoy Malaysia local cuisine in a cosy environment, even Malaysian love it so much. Not only the food is yummy, it is absolutely affordable.

A friend of mine told me the meals at Baba Nyonya, Melawati Mall is delicious 😋 Have you ever try it? This Sunday I will be heading to Melawati Mall for a tour with #retailpassport !! I will be doing FB live while visiting retail shops and share about their #exclusivedeals Retail shops:- San Francisco, US Polo, Max Fashion, Travel Store, Elianto, Common Sense, A-Saloon, Aster Spring, Jubahsouq, Young Hearts, Toy'R'Us, MPH, Baba Nyonya, NY Steak Shack, Sapoong, Good2U, Me Clinic, Kid Zone, Row Six, Pizza Hut, Lei Span Oree, Hei Sushi, Per Lovers Center, Hairdepot, Daily Fresh, Pappa Roti, and Fitness First. Share with me which is your favourite retail shop and why? . . . @Joanneweesjourney @joanneweejourney #MelawatiMall #HeartOfMelawati #MadMacericks #Ketchup #moco #jwcommunity #rayashopping #shopping #mall
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NY Steak Shack

NY stand for New York City; NY is known as the cultural melting pot. For us New York City is the food capital of the world - known for its variety of ethnic cuisines, great restaurants, and the ability to find any kind of food at any hour of the day. Given the vast array of food choices, it is important for us to take these food beyond expectations in the way it TASTES in an ambience that is inspired by NY City. 

NY Steak Shack is all about delivering a great mouthwatering meat-eater's experience.

We minimized using prepared foods. We craft as much as we can in our own kitchen. It takes more TIME and EFFORT, but you can taste the difference! Every cut of meat, vegetables, herbs and spices come to us in the very best of QUALITY possible. Affordable prices with great culinary experiences. At NY Steak Shack, whatever your mood or taste may be, we'll definitely have something to offer for a culinary experience that'll have you coming back for more! You can be sure of that!

Now All New Sharing Platter:
Poultry Platter - Good for 3 Pax
Rosemary Chicken on top of Pumkin Rice comes with French Fries and Mixed Veggie together with Chicken Cevapis on the side. Accompanied with Duck Chop on a bed of fresh onions and corn kernels, complemented with NYSS garlic and black pepper sauce. 

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