Chapter 12: First VIsit to Melawati Mall | Kak Span Oree & Hei Sushi

Kak Span OREE is a brand proudly created in Malaysia, and introducing the latest fluffy & jiggly egg sponge cakes for Malaysians. Inspired by the castella cakes originating from Japan, their version carries a local twist to better suit the Malaysian palate.

All their egg sponge cakes are made fresh daily purely with milk, eggs, quality flour, sugar and canola oil.  All of our ingredients are taken from suppliers who are Halal certified.

When we talk about Hei Sushi, it's Japanese cuisine, and I personally love Japanese foods, especially Salmon and Unagi Sushi. Hei Sushi is a Halal Japanese Restaurant, you may invite your Malay friends to Hei Sushi for Japanese Cuisine without worry.

Hei Sushi serves up tasty and quality halal certified Japanese cuisine at affordable prices, offering an extensive menu with over 200 varieties of delectable Japanese dishes. Apart from a wide selection of sushi, diners can also enjoy items such as mini baked rice with a variety of toppings, perfectly grilled yakimono items, fusion udon with Japanese sesame sauce topped with shredded cheese, hibachi (slow cooked on a grill plate) and nabemono (Japanese steamboat).

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