Chapter 1: First Visit to Melawati Mall | San Francisco Coffee

There are so many malls nowadays in Kuala Lumpur itself. Recently I come across this mall, name Melawati Mall.

Melawati Mall Opening was launched on June 2017, and this is my first time visiting Melawati Mall. I didn't even know there is such a beautiful mall build-ed in Taman Melawati, Setapak. It's 620,000 sq. ft. of retail space, 8 levels of shopping, 740,000 catchment within 15 minutes drive time, connected to 5 major highways, and 57% above the average KL household income within 5km radius.

I am far away from the 5km radius, as I am staying in Subang Jaya, travel to Melawati Mall may takes me around 45 minutes or more, depends of the traffic. As I know every malls start operating at 10am, so I come as early as I can, to get the perfect parking space (Some of you may think I am KIA SU), you are wrong! As I know I definitely will shop a lot, and have to carry so many things. Hahahaha! Besides, the max parking for 1 day is RM7. Dai lo ~ (In Cantonese mean's Worth it)

For more information of Melawati Mall, kindly refer to link:

My first stop at Melawati Mall, it's San Francisco Coffee, which is located at the G floor, main entrance. Or course, I have to fuel myself with delicious meal before shopping begin.
I ordered Linguine Bolognese and Hazalnut Latte, I am a Hazalnut coffee lover, and the Hazalnut Latte in San Francisco Coffee taste really good, if you come across to any San Francisco Coffee, you should try it by yourself 😆

One of my friend ordered the Club Sandwich, the portion it's so big! For small eater, we are able to share each person half of the portion.


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