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Entei (Japanese: エンテイ Entei) is a Fire-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation II.

It is along with Raikou and Suicune, and it's one of the Legendary beasts said to be resurrected by Ho-Oh after the burning of the Brass Tower. Out of the three beasts, Entei is said to represent the flames that burned the Brass Tower.

Finally caught my first Entei on the 6th raid.
Seems easy to most of my friends around me, but not me.

What about you? Share with me your story in the comment box below.

Conversation during raiding:

Cat (The real cat): Meow!!!
Crazy Me: Don't keep calling ya. Please call Entei come to me 😄
Friend W: You all catch 100% IV?
Crazy Me: No. You can catch wild now (pointing at the cat)
Friends K, Y, G, T and more: Hahahahaha 😄
Crazy Me: Siapa mau?
Cat (The real cat): (Manja Friend S)
Friend S: Hahahaha (Get ticklish by the cat)
Friends K, Y, G, T and more: Hahahahaha (We are bad 
😈 laughing at people)
Crazy Me: Please don't step on the tail ya, it's just sitting beside your leg.

We have done on the raid, time to catch Entei!

Friend K: First time I get 1900++
Crazy Me: CP1896 (Thinking: Have better than none)
Friend Y: Still CP 1880+. Aiyo~ Why la~
Panic Me: 冷静点!
定点来!(In Cantonese)
(Throwing my 1st ball, Entei broke out)
Friend E: I caught it again!
Friend B, C, D, F, and more: Action oh! Again? (Joking tone)
Panic Me: Again? (shocked - start to panic)
Friend E: 3rd raid, 3rd catch, and 1st ball each time!
All of us: Wow~!!!!!!! 😮
Panic Me: Don't like that! I very jelly (Jealous)
Friend K: Caught it? (Look at my phone) Okay ar...This one quite high.
Panic Me: Quite high? No 1900.
Friend K: Quite high.

Panic Me: Come to me la. 乖啦!乖啦!你不要这样子。
(Be good! Be good! Please don't act like this.)
Friend K: 不要跑啦!不要跑啦!
(Please don't run away! Please don't run away!)

Panic Me: 你来我这里啦!
Friend K: Caught it.
Panic Me & Friend G: How much CP?

Friend K: CP1905.
Panic Me: 1905 ... Oh ~ Okay (Start to worry why everyone caught it)
Friend Y asking Friend G: How you? Caught it?
Friend G: Not yet ... but I got CP1917 wor.

All of us: Wow!!! 1917! 😮
Evy Me: Wow!!! So high. 😮
(my 4th ball, Entei still broke free! Yet to catch!)
Friend G telling Friend K: Help me to catch.
Friend K: More than 90%, I scare.
Friend G: You can.
Friend K: You buy me Nasi Lemak.
All of us: hahaha ... buy you nasi lemak
Panic Me: I want at least 1 jek,不要这样, come to me~乖啦!Satu! Give me one, I will damn sayang you. (Surprise!!! Oh?! I caught it at the 6th ball) 😄
All of my friends: Oh! Finally! Say come to me, really come to you wor.
Relief Me: 6 times raid, 6 times I use the same sentence. Hahahaha!


Watch video of my 6th raid
My first Entei catch experience


What berries I fed during the raid:

The 1st ball - Excellent throw but I didn't feed any berry
2nd ball - Feed Golden Razz Berry
3rd ball - Feed Pinap Berry
4th ball - Feed Golden Razz Berry
5th ball - Feed Pinap Berry
6th ball - Feed Nanab Berry with excellent throw
(Finally Caught Entei!)


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  1. OMG... You are making me so tempted to join back Pokemon weh!!!

  2. lai lai we go raid again this weekend XD


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