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On 04 November 2017, I attended Dr.Lauranne Official Launching at Shah Alam Convention Centre. It's my first time knowing about Dr.Lauranne. Guess what? Dr.Lauranne is a brand established since 1971 (46 years) and now Dr.Lauranne is officially launching in Malaysia! The research, development, and production of new products are MADE IN ROME, ITALY and are carefully designed to offer specific treatments and quality, natural ingredients selected by experts.

(Left) Mr.Ben & (right) Mr.Fahmi

Dr.Lauranne is also known as Derma Cosmetic (Dermatology + Cosmetic) product. For your better understanding of Dermatology & Cosmetic :

The branch of medicine concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of skin disorders; Treatment.

Relating to treatment intended to restore or improve a person's appearance; skin care.

About the product,
I will share in another post/ link.

They also invited Tuan Nawawi, CEO of Narinar Group Sdn Bhd (Founder of Narinar Flutheraphy), Hot Seat IMKK 2017 for giving a talk. He shares knowledge on the innovation in business. Let's me share them with you, if you are interested to start a business by yourself.

What you need is:
1. Customer (Customer always at the 1st)
2. Follower (Need time to build - so be patient, nothing comes easily)
3. Teamwork (It's always better to have a team)

Your mindset:
1. Confident with your products
2. Share them daily (On social media, or while chatting with people)

Remember the 3M:
Market (Understand your customers' needs)
Message (Attitude of being hardworking and confident of your own products)
Media (Social Media - You can't live without it in the current trend/ market)

Dr.Lauranne founder is Dr. Anna Laura Ampa born on 13 November 1936, she is a chemist specialized in Cosmetology and Cosmetical Techniques. In 1971, Dr. Anna Laura Ampa's company manufacturer of dermo-cosmetic products, available in two ranges: a premium retail line for final consumers - a professional line, dedicated to beauty professionals.

Now Dr.Lauranne is inherited by her son, Dr. Gaetano. They have more than 100 products in this brand, separated into 2 groups, which is:

External and supplement.

Doctor and beautician

Photos of all the agents with Mr. Ben and Mr. Fahmi.

(From left to right)
Qiya Saad, artist friend, Neysha Asila, Mr.Fahmi, Mr.Ben, Joanne Wee (Me), Atikah and Halimah


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