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Pokemon Go: All about legendary Raikou | by Joanne Wee

Legendary RaikouPokemon Go01 Oct until 31 Oct 2017

Now everyone is fever about the legendary Raikou!

Raikou (Japanese: ライコウ Raikou) is an Electric-type Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation II.

It is not known to evolve into or from any other Pokémon.

Along with Entei and Suicune, it is one of the Legendary beasts resurrected by Ho-Oh after the burning of the Brass Tower. Of the three Legendary beasts, Raikou is said to represent the lightning strike which ignited the fire that consumed the Brass Tower.

"This Legendary Raikou, I find it's tougher to catch than Suicune.
Anyone have the same thought?

It drove me crazy! Every time, it just runs away! Every time you hear people said:"I got it!" And you will go like:"Where is mine?"
I get my very first Raikou during my sixth raid!"

This is my 6th raid experience on catching my first Raikou:

(While raiding) Friend A:Joanne, you got how many Raikou? Drama Me: No ~ None...... (Sad) Friend B:It's ok la, remind me of Lu…

The Best Pizza in Brooklyn : Motorino | Genting Highland | by Joanne Wee

MotorinoThe best pizza in Brooklyn. Outside of Brooklynat Genting Highland
Calling to all Pizza Lovers!

We may had ate a lot of pizza from different restaurants but none as much class and finesse as Motorino!

Where is Motorino located at?
The new outlet in Malaysia is at SkyAvenue, Resorts World Genting. Motorino had their branches in 12 countries, and the 1st Motorino is opened at Brooklyn, New York.

Motorino promises a pizza experience straight out of Naples, Italy, home of the world-famous Neapolitan Pizza.

Today let us learn a word with Joanne Wee, in Italy Motorino mean's starter.

I felt lucky that I had the chance to meet up with Mr. Mathieu Palombino, founder and owner of Motorino. Thanks to his experience sharing, he enlightens me about what's an authentic Pizza Napoletana.

Authentic Pizza Napoletana - Minimally topped, a careful balance among crust, sauce and cheese. His favorite pizza is basic pizza: Margherita. He love how pizza remain aunthentic just the way they are, now…