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I have visited Pink Passion on the month of July and It's my first visit to this outlet. It is located at Sunway Mas Branch, somewhere around Dataran Prima. Took me quite some time to get to the place.. Probably I'm not the type of directional person. Ops~! Or am I just the person who are not familiar with the place? Anyway, let me share with you something cool, freeze and magical.

I visited there for their famous E-Light Treatment as every girls desire for beautiful skin. My skin condition was quite dry when i was there, because I don't get enough sleep recently. Girls! Sleep and drink more water is very important, okay?!

 Photo of me are not edit

"My skin condition was kind of bad recently."

  Photo of me are not edit

"They cleanse my face as other saloon does, but here you can see the result."
 Photo of me are not edit

"After applied the gel, used the high technology Ice Cooler,
massage each and every part of my face gently with circular motion."
 Photo of me are not edit

"Massage my face, soooooooo Niceeeeee!"
  Photo of me are not edit

"Applied cooling mask."
Photo of me are not edit

"Removed mask, apply toner, and I am ready to go!
My skin actually brighten up/ whiten, if you notice it carefully."

What I love about Pink Passion is that they had recommend the treatment that suits my skin condition, which is Ice Cooler Treatment. Oh! For people like me, Ice Cooler Treatment is suitable to use after:
  1. Laser Treatment/ Tappy/ MTS/ Injection for soothing
  2. Skin extraction/ Peeling
  3. Surgery to reduce swelling
  4. Reduce discomfort resulted from skin sensitivity 
and prepare the skin before make up. It's also helps to ease tired eyes, and tightening your pores, it's really amazing, absolute satisfaction!

What are you waiting for?
Call to make appointment now!

There are many other services, you may refer to their website/ Facebook, and Blog.





Sunway Mas Branch,
37-1, Jalan PJU 1/3C,
Sunway Mas Commercial Center,
47100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


03-7805 7285

03-7805 7286


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  1. It looks really relaxing and the environment also conducive. Definitely a great place for facial treat after a busy month

  2. Do they applied this treatment for male?

  3. seem like to good place to pamper myself~ will check out n try :)

  4. Great writeup for this facial. Worth a try !

  5. u look so relax le dear!!! is time for me to pamper myself!!

  6. After reading your post, I am very curious about the treatment. I am also wondering if it would help my own skin issues.

  7. woah! you look so enjoy during the treatment! I am curious with the before and after pic :p

  8. Its been a while since I go do facial already! The process looks easy but effective <3

  9. owww! new treatment. I have not heard about this before. It look cool to try out.

  10. I have not been to that salon before but their treatment looks good on your skin thou.

  11. love this cooling stuff. would love to try out!

  12. i like the name of the treatment.. ice cooler. wow.:D

  13. What a great experience. It would be great if you can make the photo look bigger. =)

  14. Couldn't really see the pictures. Agree with shini lola, it would be better if make the pictures a little bit bigger

  15. Wahh looks relaxing. And I agree with the above.. Bigger photos would be great!

  16. It's been so long since i went for a facial treatment like this!

  17. My friend keep complains about her skin condition, will share this post with her :)

  18. looks like a good treatment for the skin overall, been there to do only eyelashes last time.


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