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Pink Passion : ReGenAf Ice Cooler Treatment

I have visited Pink Passion on the month of July and It's my first visit to this outlet. It is located at Sunway Mas Branch, somewhere around Dataran Prima. Took me quite some time to get to the place.. Probably I'm not the type of directional person. Ops~! Or am I just the person who are not familiar with the place? Anyway, let me share with you something cool, freeze and magical.

I visited there for their famous E-Light Treatment as every girls desire for beautiful skin. My skin condition was quite dry when i was there, because I don't get enough sleep recently. Girls! Sleep and drink more water is very important, okay?!

 Photo of me are not edit
"My skin condition was kind of bad recently."

Photo of me are not edit
"They cleanse my face as other saloon does, but here you can see the result." Photo of me are not edit
"After applied the gel, used the high technology Ice Cooler, massage each and every part of my face gently with circular motion." Phot…

Relaxing Vacation | Johor | Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort

30th July 2016:

Well, hello there ~
If you are looking for a short escape getaway, you may slot Johor in the list. On 30th July I was invited to visit Austin Heights Golf & Hotel Resort 2 days 1 nights (2D1N).

Let me share with you why I would recommend this place. Once we checked in, we straight head to have our buffet dinner due to we arrive quite late evening, and we were so hungry. Look at the foods, wondering am I too hungry, every food was so delicious at that moment!

After feeding the hungry stomach and fully satisfied, wonder what to do next? Of course, I immediately check about my room, and time to take a shower to refresh from the long journey :)

First scene caught in my eyes and Wow ~ !!! The room was really big and amazing, feels like dancing in the room; it's been so wide like a ballroom! And Guess what? This room cost only RM310 per night for 2 adults, if you are wondering why they provided 2 Queen size beds in the room? Because child under 5 years old are FREE, it…

Dataran Sunway | At Ten Shop | Boutique

Look! I tried on a few clothes, and they make me look so different, with 4 different styles, vintage, mature, sexy and cute. LOL!

Guess what, that day when I was at Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, I saw an interesting shop, it's a boutique name At Ten ShopAt Ten mainly sells quality imported clothes, shoes, bags, skin cares, cosmetics & beauty goods from Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, USA, and etc.

Come, let me show you what's inside the shop!
Just click on the video below, let me share the experience how a women's fantasy world looks like.

They have clothes, sun blocks, masks, nail polish, shoes, bags, accessories, miniature perfume, hats, hand creams, and many more. If you have no time to visit the shop, you may visit and purchase thru their website
The owner of At Ten Shop, is a pretty, friendly lady boss name Joan, who originally came from Hong Kong, I don't have a photo of her in this post because she is too shy to take a photo. If you wish to…