Amazing AkuaRiz® GAMAT Extract in Capsules

 AkuaRiz® GAMAT Extract

This is to share my personal experience of this product, which is quite amazing to me at the time of usage.

15 June 2016 – I remember I woke up that morning, I noticed that I was having a bad flu. At that time, I had a bottle of Gamat Extract from AkuaRiz®. I quickly took 3 capsules, and after a while (around 30 - 60 minutes), I feel much better from my flu. This is just AMAZING!!! Although it did not recover in a day, but somehow the capsules that I took help control it to not get worse.

I continue taking it for a week (twice a day after meals), and my flu is getting better. Why am I not visiting a doctor, despite I having the flu for a week. For these 2 months my body immune system kind of overloaded due to the work stress and my body was weaker than usual. I have been sick 3 times in 2 months time, and downsides of it, I have been taking medicine for that long.

Other than flu I noticed it works well on the cough, and if you are having knee pain, it could help you as well. Most important of all, you your own self need to have enough sleep/ rest, and drink plenty of water.

👍 I found it is really GOOD to recommend about it👍

If you are interested to buy, and don't know where to get it, please do PM me, I can help you with that. I can get discount from a large quantity purchase.

Things to take note about:
*This product contains marine animal part.
*Pregnancy ladies, it's better for you to consult your pharmacist/ doctor before taking this product.
*For people who have allergies, please consult from pharmacist/ doctor before taking this product.

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Thank you


  1. need this as supplement i think. coz always Flu ...

  2. now alternative medicine is getting more popular ya. guess also because they are better for our body as well.

  3. aik sea cucumber? Does it taste fishy?

  4. i do love and depend on herbal meds rather than western meds too, somehow they work better for me


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