Dato' Norman Pang Wishes to Establish a Fund for the Disabled with Buddy

In continuation to the life insurance industry's most prolific figure Dato’ Norman Pang’s previous books 'Norman Pang’s Power' and 'Thinking And Attitude' which have generated a lot of interest and become the bible of self- development for many people in the sales profession, comes the launch of the 3rd book, "Norman’s Art of Success" published in January 2016.

This latest edition has drawn huge ‘roar’ and anticipation even before it hit the shelves. Dato’ Norman Pang re-launched the "Norman’s Art of Success" book at a recent press conference on 24 May 2016 at Popular at IPC Shopping Centre. He was also declared as one of the most successful Chinese’s entrepreneurs in the 20 th Anniversary Edition of the Malaysian Book of Records 2016.

After 7 years from his last book, Dato’ Norman Pang have gained much more experience in team development, overcome the hardest obstacles in life and benefiting from his hands-on experience to achieve record breaking success. All these interesting details are recorded in the book "Norman’s Art of Success". Do not miss out on this opportunity to find out how this man turned himself into the ‘King of Life Insurance Industry’ and how the secrets of his success can be replicated, hence creating a more fulfilling life for yourself.

Thirteen years ago, Dato’ Norman Pang was heavily in debt, faced with divorce proceedings, and the threat of bankruptcy, which was a blow to his status, so he decided to take some big risks. His courage paid off and he managed to clear off all his debts. Dato’ Norman Pang did not give up his passion in the life insurance industry and constantly went beyond his own achievements to create better results. At the press conference, he emphasized that one should not be afraid to share one’s strategies as long as others are willing to take a leaf or two from him; and he would certainly be more hardworking than others to surpass his own achievements.

Jack Lim fully supports his buddy and wrote the preface for this new book. Previously, Dato’ Norman Pang was involved in the movie "Huat the Fish". He said that when Jack Lim called and asked him at that time, he readily agreed because he thought of this is as another challenge for him. In every industry, attitude and discipline are very important. He also noticed that celebrities have a good attitude and discipline.

Dato’ Norman Pang received compliments not only from his peers, but also from other industry professionals. Recalling his experience of his past, he said that at the time, he did not feel bitter. "I ​​could end up wasted, but the people around me could not. When the other people said that I was a liar, I felt very sad, so I decided to do better. I reminded myself that I could not be contented, so I needed to take risks”, he added.

When asked how he managed to achieve work-life balance, he said: "My teacher told me that if you did not balance your cheque book, there is no balance to your life. So I told my wife that my organization values ​​are more important than my family values. Then, she began to understand me and now she doesn’t ask me where I am going, because I am helping a lot of people.” When asked if he needs time to rest, Dato’ Norman Pang replied that when he had something to do, he would not think of rest and this trait is similar as his buddy, Jack Lim. They always challenged the impossible, turning them into successes!

As for his future goals, Dato’ Norman Pang hopes to achieve "another one billion", i.e. To NTD 4 billion premiums. He also hopes to form a celebrity fund with Jack Lim within two years to help people with disabilities. In the press conference, besides promoting "Norman’s Art of Success"Dato’ Norman Pang was also announced as one of the most successful Chinese entrepreneurs in the 20th Anniversary Edition of the Malaysian Book of Records 2016.

The press conference was a star-studded event, graced by well-known celebrities who turned up to support Dato’ Norman Pang, such as radio DJs Jeff Chen, Gan Mei Yan, Wan Wai Fun, Bernard, Jym and many others.

The sale of this book has rocketed after only 3 months of hitting the shelves, with thirteen thousand copies already been sold. The second batch is already in the printing process to cater the demand from major bookstores across Taiwan, Hong Kong and Malaysia. For those interested in buying "Norman’s Art of Success", it is available at all major bookstores.

If you missed this section, no worries! Dato' Norman Pang would be present at the Book Fair this coming July at Popular bookstore to do a book-sharing session and face-to-face interaction with attendees, so do not miss this rare opportunity!

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  1. This is the first time I'm hearing about data Norman pang. I am encouraged by his life story and his strength to help others who are in need. Amazing man!

  2. This is the first time I'm hearing about data Norman pang. I am encouraged by his life story and his strength to help others who are in need. Amazing man!

  3. I have not heard of him before but I am sure his success story will be able to inspire many people. Will have a look at his book

  4. Good read and certainly a motivation person to remind myself to continue fighting ;) will check him out

  5. He sure has inspired many with his great motivation book. :)

  6. I couldnt go for tis one... he looks better in person

  7. Awww! I missed this event due to classes :/ my friend went for these and he told me his book is awesome and worth to read! :))

  8. he sure is very inspiring.. I hope and wish I can be like him... get out of my comfort zone and go further beyond what I can do...

  9. definitely looking forward for the sharing session, must be inspiring! thanks for sharing yo.

  10. Such an inspiring person he is! I appriciate his initiative.

  11. Such an inspiring young men. Should check out the book as well.

  12. nice effort, giving back to society once we are successful is such a commendable action.


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