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WWF : Buy a T-shirt to help Borneo elephants

I was so glad to receive an invitation from WWF. WWF is a Malaysian organisation affiliated with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), the international conservation organisation. WWF Malaysia is working hard to help protect the country’s natural environment through our various conservation programs.

Now why am I here? The World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature and local artist Christine Das launched a T-shirt featuring the latter's artwork to promote awareness on protecting endangered Borneo elephants.

How to help? It's easy, just buy the T-shirt features a purple elephant on the front with the words "Two heads are better than one, let's put our heads together for Mother Nature" which is printed on the back of T-shirt. The money will proceeds from the sales will be channelled to WWF Malaysia's conservation efforts, including protecting Borneo elephants.
RM49.90 per piece for any adult size, RM45.90 per piece for kids size Where to buy? Kindly click here to help :)

What to do with leftover travel money? There are apps for that (Worldkoins and Dropkoins)

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What to do with your leftover travel money? 2 Smart phone Apps (Worldkoins and Dropkoins) are the solution! 
After enjoying your vacations/overseas trips, do you have a headache with the leftover money? Wondering what to do with it?

Keep it in jars and drawers and never touch it for years? Worry about your various money currencies?
ALL THESE PROBLEMS ARE NOW SOLVED, thanks to 2 smartphone applications, available at google play store:
1. Worldkoins (for Travelers)

2. Dropkoins(for Collectors)


What it is all about?

What's Worldkoins?When traveling for leisure or business, travelers come home with unspent cash/ leftover foreign currency/ change from the visited places.
This money is then forgotten in jars or drawers.
Now with Worldkoins, you can use your money without…

Aaron Crow: Fearless : Cheating Death Nightly @ Resort World Genting, Genting Highland

Meet Aaron Crow Fearless : Cheating Death Nightly

Let me introduce you:
Ronny Verbeke(born 12 February 1969), known professionally as Aaron Crowis a Belgianmentalist, magicianand swordsman, perhaps best known for his appearances on talent shows including Britain's Got Talentand Le plus grand cabaret du monde.
Crow is a member of the internationally renowned magic septet The Illusionists, alongside fellow magicians Dan Sperry, Kevin James, Philip Escoffey, Mark Kalin and Jinger, Jeff Hobson and Andrew Basso. He generally remains silent during his stage performances, which has earned him the nickname "The Silent Mentalist."

The Lekkers Cafe @ Viva Home Shopping Mall

Calling for Transformers fans across the land!!!

Need a place to rejoice? Please do visit The Lekkers Cafe, located at first floor, Viva Home Shopping Mall.

Why it's name as The Lekkers Cafe?

Lekker is a commonly used word in the Dutch language that is more similar to the English word luscious than the word tasty (开味).

One of the boss (Simon), he is a Transformers Collector, and his brother (Vincent), he loves to cook. It was their dream to own a cafe, to display his Transformers collection, and share with people his delicious foods. The Lekkers Cafe, it's opened since 02 December 2015, a place where you may enjoy delicious meals, and drinks.