Tropicana City Mall Green Ambassadors 2016 : Let's Change Climate Change

"Let's Change, Climate Change"

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Tropicana City Mall Green Ambassadors  2016 in conjunction of CapitaLand's Earth Hour Campaign to Change Climate Change.

1st March 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - MMK, Miss Malaysia Kebaya with the support of 3Bskin and Tropicana City Mall to present Tropicana City Mall Green Ambassadors 2016 which the objective to support and promote the campaign of CapitaLand's Earth Hour Campaign to Change Climate Change.

The selection starts from 23th Feb and end on 5th March by our official Facebook and

The criteria to be the ambassadors:
1. Speaks English and presentable
2. To be able to promote Earth Hour Campaign 2016 to Change Climate Change
3. Open to all Nations, Races, Religion and only for female age 18 to 35 
(No RESTRICTION  to Height and Weight)

12 Finalists will be chosen to Grand Final.

Date: Sat 19th March 
Time: 3pm to 5pm
Venue: Tropicana City Mall 

The organizer will provide grooming, catwalk and stage presentation training 2 weeks prior to the grand final.

Top 5 Finalists will be chosen by Judges which carry the titles of Tropicana City Mall Green Ambassador 2016 plus 5 Subsidiaries Titles:

1. Best Green Ambassador Presentation
2. Best Green Ambassador Photo
3. Best Green Ambassador Video
4. Most Popular Green Ambassador
5. Most Friendly Green Ambassador 

There will be Questions & Answers for the Finalists to see how they promote and give awareness, Earth Hour Campaign to Change Climate Change.

5 Awareness of this campaign

● 2 bowls of rice per person
Wasted daily
Every year 1,300 billion kg of food is wasted globally. Practice proper food storage and track food expiry dates.

● Eat less meat
The carbon footprint of beef is 10 times more than broccoli. Consuming 1 kg of beef emits about 26kg of carbon dioxide

● Driving contributes
15 carbon emissions
Take public transport, cycle and walk more. Same time, be healthy 

● Power for 1.5days
The energy used to make 1 disposable plastic bottle can power a light bulb for 1.5days. Use your own reusable tumbler or mug

● Take shorter showers
Reduce your shower length by 5 minutes a day and save 45 liters of water

Sponsors from Cash,  Attire, Makeup, Hairdo, Food & Beverage and others are well come to support us to successfully carry out this event and girls who are interested to join can contact Jason Hee, the founder and the organizer of this event by 

Whatsapp 0129211486 or Email: 
Or contact Wish, the organizer 
017- 9390101