Taman Negara National Park Pahang (Day 2)

Day 02 (02 January 2016)

Here I am about to share my 2nd day of 2016 in Taman Negara National Park Pahang. Woke up early in the morning ~ (Pause)

How awesome room my room was ^_^ I had a bonus treat from the organiser because they provided me a room by myself. Words could not describe how excited i was, but let me show you how my room looks like:

"Alone with 2 single beds ~ 1 bed for my clothes ... LOL"

Simple room and comfortable room :)

This is the toilet

(Continue) Something happened the next morning when i woke up early, I found that the water is brown in colour, looks like 'KOPI'/ coffee. I was kinda in shock because I couldn't take my shower. I just managed to brush my teeth and a quick wash for my face with water from my water bottles.

Probably this wouldn't sparks any imagination on the resort that I had my stay

After checking with the front office, I was told that there was a tree fall accident which coincidentally ‘break’ into the resort’s dam and had lead the water from river get into the dam, that's why the water is so dirty. This took them a few hours to resolve the issue. And thanks to their quick response to the problem, I finally get to enjoy my shower in the evening, so lets continue with my journey. :)

After having our breakfast prepared by the resort,  we are all ready for the adventure of the day.

We are in the long boat again :)

Super excited

We went straight for the canopy walk after we get off of the boat. The walk kind of wears us out due to the journey, but at the same time we enjoy the journey along our way. Aside the canopy walk, we continue our trip, which is a short hike to the top of Bukit Teresek. These activities actually took us about 3 hours.

"Tired but satisfied to complete both of the activities
At least, you experience them
Feeling awesome!!!"

Guess what's next? Back to hotel? No ~ We went for rapids shooting, and had some relaxing moment at a small waterfall. After all the fun activities, it's time for us returned to the resort to shower, and dinner. That night, I had a fever, and got no appetite for dinner, Mr.Kenny (The Boss of Han's Rainforest Resort) is so kind, he knew I was sick, and he sent someone to pass me the medicine.

This is my 2nd day in Taman Negara, the most exciting activity of the day: Rapid shooting. I couldn't take any photos or video of this activity because the whole activity will get soaking wet, but it is really fun. If you plan to visit Taman Negara, please don't miss the chance to take part on rapids shooting.


  1. miss this moment T___T
    miss u la joanne

    1. Ya la ... I pun rindu u
      bilalah kita blh jumpa lagi

  2. I never know Taman negara provided a homestay.. would like to check taman negara soomeday,, i've missed so much events nowadays..

  3. the room looks so nice and clean...but when i saw the chocolate water come out from the basin, i felt geli le..hehe

    1. hahaha ~ water is accident happens
      The resort provide good services and clean water :)

  4. The water looks really gross but glad that the management makes things better quickly :) I'm sure this is a nice relaxing place to stay

    1. Yes ~ It's really relaxing, a very good place for escape from busy cities

  5. Lolx i wanted to ask whether can bring kids until I realized its Taman Negara not a zoo la.... Hehehhee my pregnancy brain making me sot liao Lolx...

  6. simple clean rooms with outdoor activities nearby, that's a good way to get away from the city

  7. I like eco-tourism. The last time i went to taman negara was during my uni time, so many years ago. I wish to go back again.


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