Food Review: M136 Coffee House (Cheras)

M136 Coffee House
It is located in Taman Maluri, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
It is easy to be searched, it's just right next to Domino's.

Just to remind you, it's a sliding door
Please don't bang on it >.<

Look!!! Look at the images below:
I love the atmosphere here, once I step into this cozy coffee house,
I feel it's so soothing & relaxing; a place where we can escape from our daily busy moment, and relax for a moment while we having our meal.

M136 Coffee House has a simple interior with 2 sections in the cafe:

1. The outer section has been filled with metal high rise chairs and sofas.

2. The inner section has a small sofa area where the customers can have more privacy for themselves.

Outer Section

Inner Section

The cafe started off with only serving coffee and cakes; but due to the overwhelming demand from the locals, they have recently added in hot food in home-cooked style into their menu. Their menu has the influence of both Western and Local flavors such as the Grilled Chicken Pasta, Dried Chili Chicken with Rice and Chicken Chop.

Parents may bring their child here, they do have a play corner for kids.

What's so special about that faucets?

It's a phone charger, just bring your own cyber, plug it in; you may charge your phone battery here.


Main Course

Egg Benedict - RM15.90

Penne Arrabbiata  (Pasta) – RM13.80

Spaghetti Squid Ink – RM17.80

Butter Chicken – RM16.90

Chicken ParmesanoRM18.00

Deep Fried Fish Fillets With Tomatoes – RM18.00


Tiramisu – RM9.00

 Top view of Berry Berry With Ice Cream

Berry Berry With Ice Cream – RM12.90


I love their coffee artistry, it comes with the varieties of design. You don't have to select what design you need, let them surprise you ^_^ It will definitely make your day!!!


I have lots of fun there! Special thanks to Food Inker for organizing and inviting me to this food review, and glad to meet all the bloggers there. Hope to see you guys again ~!

*Special for student:
Buy 1 Get 1 FREE coffee

The cafe provides services for both private and corporate functions as well as deliver service in Taman Maluri area. Do follow their Facebook page closely to get more updates from them.

Facebook Page:


136, Jalan Jejaka, Taman Maluri, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Contact no:


Business Hours:
Mon-Sun 11.00am – 9.00pm

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  1. Hope to see you again! ^^

    1. Yes ^_^ Hope to see you again too
      Was having lots of fun there
      I love M136 Coffee House, it's really a nice place for hang out.

  2. are the earliest one to arrive @@

    1. Stella is the earliest ... LOL
      And thanks to her, we only get to know M136
      and nice to chat with you ^_^

  3. berry-berry with ice cream looks yummy... the portions looks good and filling..and that faucet!! Comel to the max... Thanks dear for the post..

  4. the cafe food presentation looks so nice! it's very good for gatherings.

  5. makan bojio?! How the Penne Arrabbiata pasta tastes?

  6. i don't mind sitting here whole day and enjoy my food. Gosh they have my favourite that squid ink spagetti.

  7. I love their food.
    Very nice ambient cafe.

  8. Berry berry with ice-cream <3 <3 <3

  9. Nice place! Gotta drop by when I am in KL next time. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I missed the food review, all the food and drink look very nice leh.. Will drop by there one day..

  11. the egg benedict looks lovely.. can't wait to try them out.


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