Product Review: Blanc 28 (Whitening Ampule)

New Year Present? Birthday Present?
Need a good skin before your wedding day?
Count on Blanc 28 :)

Blanc 28
A luxury selection of pampering yourself for 28 days.

What's the function?
1. Gradually decompose Melanin in the skin cells, inhibit to growth of melanoma.
2. Stimulate and accelerate cell division and speed up skin's metabolism.
3. Gradually fade off and completely eliminate Melasma, freckles and other skin pigmentations.
4. Inhibit enzyme tyrosine, blocking the process of transformation from Melanin into dark spots.
5. Inhibition of oxidative free radical formation, increase skin elasticity, slow down skin ageing process, restores a fairer and whiter skin.
6. After the skin is fully improved, Blanc 28 will trigger skin maintenance process to quickly get rid of skin wrinkles, sagging and sunken.

There are numbering on each bottle of ampules, what do they represent?
Odd numberIt's for whitening and keeping you to say bye bye to wrinkles.
Even numberIt's for moisturizing your skin, and get rid of scars.

Day 01 (Photo without editing)

Day 02 (Photo without editing)

Day 03 (Photo without editing)

Day 04 (Photo without editing)

Day 05 (Photo without editing)

Do you notice my scar is getting lighter?

Day 06 (Photo without editing)

Day 07 (Photo without editing)

My pores are getting smaller/fine

Day 08 (Photo without editing)

Day 09 (Photo without editing)

Day 10 (Photo without editing)

Do you see my skin is getting fairer? It's only within 10 days, my scars are almost gone too :)

Day 20(Photo just edited brightness)
My naked face
I went out without applying any make up, not even a foundation

Day 25 (Photo without editing)

My skin looks brighter and smoother.
Besides that, my scars are gone, my pores are smaller as well.

How to apply?
You may apply it with 2 methods:
  • In the morning.
  • At the night time.

  1. After clean, apply toner and apply moisturizer on your face.
  2. Apply Blanc 28.
  3. Apply make up. (It also helps your cosmetic looks better and longer lasting)

  1. After clean and apply toner on your face.
  2. Put on the mask (You may do so).
  3. Apply Blanc 28.
  4. Apply moisturizer.
*Highly recommend to apply at the night time, it will absorb more will you are sleeping.

Step 01:
Open the top with cotton wool in your hand to prevent it cut your hand or finger.

Step 02:
Gently apply all over your face, and tap it on your face to let it absorb faster.

Step 03:
Also not to forget apply on your neck.

Step 04:
If there are left over, please do apply it on your arms or legs.

Wish to own a fabulous glowing skin!!!???
What are you waiting for?

Please make sure won't be lazy with skipping 1 or more days.
Kindly continually consume Blanc 28 for 28 days.
Trust me, you will see the result by yourself

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  1. wow so nice so many ampoule to use for your does seem to work for you, i know for sure ampoule is better than serum and work faster

  2. im glad that it helps on the scars :) would recommend to my friends who have the same issue

  3. Sounds good. Expensive is it??

  4. Its my first time get to know this face aserum. Looks like its quite good.

  5. never heard bout this serum before. but it does make youor skin look fairer. nice product.

  6. looks like it really works! bravo for a good review, day by day, so detailed.

  7. Really it workable? Then I should try it myself


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