Malacca 5D Art Studio (Melaka)

Do you ever hear of a 5D Art Studio? It's currently located at Lorong Bukit Cina, Melaka. It's just right next to Capitol Satay, Melaka.

photo taken from submerryn

What does 5D stand for?
5D art is a 5D tricky art featuring with paintings on plain surfaces, it magically appears to be a five-dimensional, when you view it through your camera/ through the use of optical illusion.

If you still can't imagine how it's looking like, let me share with you some of the photos I had taken at the 5D Art Studio:

Some evil sucking all my knowledge out of my brain!!!

Uncle (Pak cik) seems happy to provide me a free haircut :)

This mysterious guy, drift me away to far far away land

Showing off
Can you ride a rhino like I do?

Look at my face, and wondering, do I have a super power?
I can't die, even I get a hand saw

My Oh My!
My pants dropped!

I am going to be a legend, I caught a dinosaur

I know Kung Fu, I am still alive, and it's painful, please save me!

I am going Up Up high above!!!
I believe I can fly~

I'm a butterfly ~!

This reminds me of a song name
In The Arms Of An Angel
by Sarah McLachlan

Oh gosh! Thank God! I am still alive

I am strong, baby!

My photographer of the day (Kevin)

There are more 5D arts in this studio, come and find it out and take your adventures here.
What's the cost of the entrance fees?
Kindly refer to the image below:
photo taken from submerryn

Malacca 5D Art Studio
39, Lorong Bukit Cina, 75100 Melaka.

017-992 6665
016-207 1010


  1. This looks amazing. I hope I have the chance to check it out one day!

  2. looks like a fun and interesting experience! will definitely pay a visit if i'm around Melaka!

  3. if going Melaka must go this place. Shall check date on which day free to go.

  4. very cute joanne, your facial expression really suit the posing


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