Walnut Cafe & Bar @ Bandar Puteri


Today I visited WALNUT CAFE & BAR, I love the welcoming ambiance and the vintage decorations of the cafe although it may look simple. The day I visited, is a day after Halloween, the cafe still on Halloween's decoration. It's so adorable with some spiders hanging around the bar.

It's a very nice place to hang out with family and friends, look at the photo below:

They do have a long table for a min of 10 persons

Lemongrass White Tea

I enjoy drinking this tea, it's served in a barrel for 2 pax, take your time to drink it and chit-chat with your friends or love one.

Croque Monsieur


Served with chips & salad, toast cheddar & turkey ham, pineapple, fried egg instead.

Price: Reasonable
*Currently without GST


Web site:

If you're planning on transitioning from caffeine to alcohol, head on over to Soju Sunway! Check out my blog post about their second anniversary event here.

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