iPlant: Aromatic Rosemary from Taiwan

I received a very important task from a friend, who has just returned from Taiwan. He bought me an iPlantiPlant is a plant in a tin. There are a few selections of plant, but mine is Rosemary ^_^ I was very excited to receive the plant, but at the same time, it's kind of stressful because it's a life of a plant in my hand to look after, wish me luck!

Day 1 (01 Nov 2015):

I followed the guide provided:

Open up the cap on top and bottom of the can, add water into the pot until water flow out from the bottom.

The ideal temperature is 15-25°C for the starting 7-10 days. Give sufficient sunlight during the budding period, Water once a day or every two days during the growing period, keep one healthy baby bud in the pot for cultivation. The rest can be planted elsewhere.

If not enough of sunlight, it is prone to causing plant fall down or bad blossom.

Do not plant it at indoor.

Introduction & Wide Application:
Rosemary possesses noblest breath, which is called the noble of vanilla, also considered as Santa Marias favorite.

Burning rosemary can purify air and help recalling, according to the record of Shakespeares masterpiece.
Fragrance characteristics: rich fragrance with the savor of camphor. Health: Developing memory, sterilizing and expelling worms.

Day 14 (14 Nov 2015):

It's growing! I am so happy, hope to see it grow stunning and volume soon.
I want to thank my friend for giving me this plant.

Besides, I learned a lot from seeing a seed growing up step by step:

1. Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.

2. We didn't get to choose where life planted us,
but we can choose  where to plant ourselves to grow and bloom.

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