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Soju Sunway Celebrates Second Anniversary with All-White Party

On 27 November 2015, Soju Sunway which located at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa, celebrates 2nd Anniversary. The music club was filled with invited guests and party-goers turned up in their best white party outfits on Friday night. The dress code was in accordance with the theme inspired by the worldwide White Sensation.

I am on my white outfit, and I am ready to join the party :)

I arrived at 10pm, just nice to watch the 1st performance by local band The Mars, followed by powerful sets by Indonesian songstress Satrina, formerly of Crush Crew Project. Accompanying her was the N-generation trio from Indonesia who delivered a sizzling hot dance number.

Resident DJs - DVDJ Dnesh, DJ Twister, and DJ Dev - spun catchy, and infectious dance mixes the night away, prompting party-goers to immediately hit the dance floor. The Eye Candies, a six-member girl group from the Philippines, also effortlessly mesmerised the audience with their tantalising vocals and coordinating dance moves. Another show…

Beauty: PINK by Pure Beauty

Guess what? This launch of PINK by Pure Beauty was held at Hello Kitty Gourmet Cafe, which is located on Sunway Pyramid Boulevard. Where a hi-tea reception was held for us, the blogger's community. We were provided with extensive information through the product sharing and also a professional styling session.

It's time to get PINK! Pink? It's not only about cute or cancer awareness. Pink has always been the best association with the fairer sex. And here comes a new dimension from Korea's advanced innovation in skin brightening science for the young women.

Watsons Malaysia is proud to present all of us PINK by Pure Beauty, formulated using the unique combination of PhyotCellTec Alps Rose, Pink Flower Capsule and active natural whitening ingredients which helps to brighten the skin and creates a perfect hydration balance to reveal a naturally bright pinkish fair skin that every young lady wish for.

Do you wish to own a glowing, luminous pinkish radiant skin?
Just follow the …

Book Review: Run With Style

Confidence The Accidental Athlete: How Running Changed My Life.
How I discovered that I was a runner, an athlete, and could empower other women to find their athlete within.

This book is to inspire women, of all different abilities, to be empowered and uncover Accidental Athletes too, no matter at any age or stage in life. Besides, this book and Go WOW Team are here to help you discover your own Athlete Within. Stephanie Atwood encourages you to read on about this empowered athlete and how her life was changed forever because of learning and growing through challenge, activity, and specifically, running.

Go WOW Team continuing until today, is to offer a supportive community, professional coaching, and logistics that will help women find out how far (and how fast) they can go with their individual potential.

The Accidental Athlete, is the author share about her story of discovery, fact how Stephanie Atwood learned to understand her inner strength and overcome inner fears that allowed her t…

iPlant: Aromatic Rosemary from Taiwan

I received a very important task from a friend, who has just returned from Taiwan. He bought me aniPlant, iPlant is a plant in a tin. There are a few selections of plant, but mine is Rosemary ^_^ I was very excited to receive the plant, but at the same time, it's kind of stressful because it's a life of a plant in my hand to look after, wish me luck!

Day 1 (01 Nov 2015):

I followed the guide provided:

Open up the cap on top and bottom of the can, add water into the pot until water flow out from the bottom.

The ideal temperature is 15-25°C for the starting 7-10 days. Give sufficient sunlight during the budding period, Water once a day or every two days during the growing period, keep one healthy baby bud in the pot for cultivation. The rest can be planted elsewhere.

If not enough of sunlight, it is prone to causing plant fall down or bad blossom.

Do not plant it at indoor.

Introduction & Wide Application:
Rosemary possesses noblest breath, which is called the no…