Product 1 Review: Natta Cosme Happy Bath Purifying Yuan Soap

Are you a soap lover like me? If yes, Yuan Soap is one of the choices you may look into. Yuan soap recognizes different skin types and uses "nature" as a basis in finding the right natural compositions in flowers, plants, roots, leaves, stems and creating soaps to suit specific needs. They categorize these soaps into 5 series:

1. Sacrifice: Flower Series (舍得花)

  • Smoothens and moisturizes. Deep hydrating ingredients purify your skin, mind and spirit. 安抚润泽, 深层保湿,心灵跟着皮肤一起澄静。
2. Compassion: Herb Series (慈悲草)

  • Cleanses and refreshes your skin. Wakes your sense through various plants and herbs, nourishing your skin with everything it needs to stay healthy. 洁静清爽,肌肤健康的种种需求,百草为师,游刃有余。
3. Faith: Seed Series (希望仁)
  • Harsh environments are inevitable nowadays, that's why we need gentle seed oil to nourish and soothe sensitive skins. 对外界环境,肌肤有那么多需要适应的地方,温和滋养的种子油可以呵护为伴。
4. Strength: Tree Series (勇敢树)
  • Plants and herbs from these soaps release soothing aroma to calm stressed, tired skin, while tree trunks exude feeling of strength to the mind. 草木香氛,放松静绷肌肤,树木的坚忍勇敢从肥皂里展露。
5. Diligence: Special Series (用心作)
  • Adopting ancient Chinese herb traditions for our current lifestyle, this series harmonizes traditional aromatic plants and herbs for thorough cleansing. 古老青草配方与当代素人,将青草、植物芳香调理复合成清洁配方。

Today I would like to introduce you Yuan Auspicious Soap 阿原抹草皂 categorized under Compassion: Herbs Series (慈悲草).

The Desmodium caudatum plant is believed to bring positive energy and good luck in Taiwan and it's also used in various healing recipes including sharing the same benefits as Wild Mugwort in soothing eczema skins. Yuan soap users are known to bring this soap along while travelling or leaving a slice of soap in their bags for peace of mind purposes.

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  1. Wah sabun ke tu macam Try je.. I memang suka sabun sabun ni. Hehed

  2. I can imagine the smells. I love this kind of herbs smells. Look nice to use.

  3. I like to see these soaps.. so pretty and make me think of ancient China... wish I can try them too...

  4. interesting.. lets all use it and be auspicious too! :):)


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