Food Review: Der Backmeister

Welcome to Der Backmeister!!!

Artisan German Bakery and Coffee Shop that serves traditional type of healthy bread.

I have never been to a bakery that serve acidity coffees, delicious meals that allows you to choose types of bread, meat slices and mustard/ game by yourself. So, what's special about this bakery shop? They bake their breads in the shop daily, and I mean every morning since 3am. They never keep their bread for the next day.

One of the reason I love this shop is their vintage feel of environments here. Once I stepped into Der Backmeister, the atmosphere here tells me they are nothing similar as any other cafe, you have to visit here by yourself to experience it only then you will able to tell me how you feel about this unique bakery type coffee shop. Oh, not to mention their services here, you will need to self-order at the counter, first thing you will know is greet by their friendly staff and warming conversations. You could even get their recommendations for your meals.

Below with the love icon
It's my favourite meal of the day :)

Opa Klause Brot

Weight: 1 kg
No yeast

Multigrain Bread
- Rye flake
- Flax seed
- Sun flower seed
- Millets
- 20% rye flour
- 80% wheat flour 

Apple Strudel
(Own cook apple fillings)

My very 1st breakfast when I visited them, they had specially served me Chicken Ham + Turkey Ham and 7 bread types as such:
- Opa Klause
- Rye Bread
- Multigrain
- Backmeister Special
- Kaviar Bread
- Spelt (In German: Dinkle Brot)
- Three Grain Bread
- Ciabata

After the main course was served, they handed me their dessert: Sausage + Deuscthland Curry sauce. This sauce is made of tomato, curry powder, pineapple juice, garlic and puree. 

At the end, I couldn't finish the food served, although I was sharing with my boyfriend. We had rest of the food to be take away for our lunch. Conclusion, this is one thumbs up, satisfying breakfast.

Almond Horns RM13 per piece
(It's not a bread, it's sweet)
- No flour
- 80% almond
- Bake and coat with conveture chocolate
- Apricot marmalade




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  1. This is good! I love freshly baked bread and pastries.

  2. I like vintage style coffee shop! The food they serve look so delicious! :D

    btw, I've followed you on Google Plus do return in favor yeah! TQ :DD

  3. yummy! Looks nice.. all the bread and pastries.. :) Great for breakfast and tea breakie!

  4. Gosh! the food they serve looks amazing. would love to pay them a visit one day

  5. Yum..yumm...I just now had dinner but again feeling hungry after this post. Awesome photos!

  6. Never been here before. Would love to visit this cafe after see all the yummy foods' photos.

  7. Ooooh I love breads! Shall check out this place soon!

  8. Breads look so yummy and fresh just straight out of oven.

  9. lol i cannot tengok makanan because your face with kereta make me distracted but look like a nice food cafe huuu fresh from the oven


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