Ribs King 排骨王 @ Taman Paramount, Sea Park, Petaling Jaya

12 April 2015:

Ribs King 排骨王

@ Taman Paramount, Sea Park, Petaling Jaya

I was hungry on that afternoon, couldn't think of a place for lunch. Today my boyfriend became my super hero, rescuing by brought me to Ribs King.

This is my 1st time visiting Ribs King, I was impressed by viewing the menu, awesome images of foods with reasonable price, and the potions of their food has been just nice, as long as it can satisfy my stomach, unless you are trencherman; a person who eats a lot :)

I ordered Supreme Pork Chop, It's only RM7.90

He ordered the Pork Chop with Black Pepper Sauce RM13.90
(Under the egg, there are rice)

Another thing special about this place, they FREE everyone a bowl of soup, one of the waiter told me, it's refillable, I felt kind of surprise with such good service, it's not just a normal service, it's providing a warm and closer relationship with their customers. It somehow makes me think of my home back in hometown, family used to prepare soup in almost every meal, miss them so much ~ 

Carrot + Apple + Orange Juice RM4.00

Yes, they do charge GST 6%, but look at the price, it's reasonable for 2 persons with satisfying meals + soups + drinks.

I also noticed, many couples or families came here for their lunch or dinner here. Not because of the free soup, it's also because of the meals they provide are simply delicious.
What are you waiting for? Bring your family or friends, come and taste them by yourself!