Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live (Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur)

18 April 2015:

Dinoscovery by Dinosaurs Live!

I heard that the dinosaurs are moving alive ~!!! Let's check it out, it's located at Discoveria Avenue K.

This is displayed beside the counter,
If you are there, you will see the tail of this dinosaur is moving.

A displayed of dinosaur's egg.

Ticket prices at displayed above in the image

Adult (Above 18 years old and above)
Citizen RM25
Non-Citizen RM40

Citizen RM35
Non-Citizen RM50

Senior citizen/ special needs
Citizen & non-Citizen RM19

Currently for Maxis user who own MyMaxis App
You all may check the app to receive 20% discount on the ticket
(Not sure if there are any terms & conditions)

*No photos are allowed to be taken
*No touching of dinosaurs
*No littering
*No trespassing of Dinasaur's Exhibit Area
*No outside foods & drinks

*Please put your phone on SILENT*

Web site:

See what other website says about Discovery:


  1. i saw this too at the entrance of Avenue K
    you went inside?
    How was it?

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