Bangkok Trip 2015

4 April 2015:

Wahoo ~!!! Sawadee ka ~ Bangkok

We landed here at 5pm (Thai local time), it took us around 45 minutes to arrive hotel via minibus, which we booked from the airport, it cost 1k THB for 8 of us, and added another 70 THB for toll. On the way to our hotel is a little jam; as usual Bangkok roads are busy, but we enjoy the view~

After check-in at Vista Express (have to pay 500 THB as deposit), we grabbed our room's keys, dropped our luggage, and we are heading to Asiatique. Oh well ~ we travel by ourselves, not joining any tour.

What I really like about this hotel, it's located in Pratunam Market, and it's just walking distance to Platinum Fashion Mall, Shibuya, Pantip Plaza, Siam Central a.k.a Cental World, and Big C Superstore.

(Sorry for the blur image)

On the way walking to Siam Station (BTS), passing by the street and I saw people selling foods, it's looks very delicious, and 1 of the hawker stall is selling (A5 size) sketch book.

5 for for 100 THB, and yes, I bought 5 of them, love their cover so much.
(I am an art lover... Ssshhh ~ It's my excuse to buy them... hahaha... Opss ~ Ssshhh ~)

On the way to BTS, we will pass by Siam Paragon, then we took the BTS to Saphan Taksin Station (68 THB for 2 persons). 

Once arrived Saphan Taksin Station, it's just walking distance to the pier, wait for the boats to Asiatique, it's free so we have to wait in a long queue, but don't have to wait for too long due to per boat can fetch around 50 - 60 persons.

Of course, there are other boats to Asiatique without long queue, but you need to pay for a trip around 40 THB.

We had our dinner at  Fire & Dine  in Asiatique. I love their vintage concept which is with 4 different designs on 4 different walls, with 1 live band playing, singing sentimental songs in English, Mandarin & Thai. Oooo ~ I am in love with this place ^_^ And of course I love their roasted chicken, it's delicious and consider cheap.

Their adorable toilet (*follow green arrows)


Lamb Steak

5 Different Sausage serve in a plate

Salmon Spaghetti

Seafood Spaghetti

Love the live band, good vocal, play nice musics, just awesome

With all the delicious foods as above, they cost us 960 THB, but of course it's depends on what you ordered. We had an 1 hour walked around Asiatique, due to the last boat return is at 11.30 p.m.

You may refer the schedule here :)

I didn't go for a ride at the merry-go-round, it cost 300 THB per person. I rather go for shopping, and in 1 hour, I still manage to buy a few things... hahaha

BTS Route

5 April 2015:

Rise and shine ~!!! It's time for shopping at Pratunam Market (Open 7am-12pm), is a major market selling clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories at wholesale prices. Along the way, you can find people selling food as well.

Share with you all what I bought on the 1st morning:

1. 3 for 110 THB per dress
- 2 of my friends bought another 2 so we get the whole sales price ^_^
2. 2 jean's dresses - 1.3k THB
3. Black pants - 200 THB
4. Vintage pants (Green) - 180 THB
5. Traditional Thai skirt - 230 THB
6. 3 Flower headbands - 240 THB (80THB each)

TOTAL I spend 2260 THB for just a morning, I have to stop so we decided to take our breakfast at McDonald.

I am not a pie person but I am in love with their McDonald Yam Pie & Carbonara Pie, it's so delicious.  After that, we returned to the hotel for a refreshment.

We are heading to our next destination Jatujak, it's also known as Chatuchak. You can't miss a chance to try the Shangkaya Coconut Ice Cream at Jatujak/Chatuchak.

It's saved you from the hot sun, it makes you feel better/ good ^_^

See what people said about the Chatuchak Weekend Market

"Chatuchak is a must, whether you are a tourist or local. You can find anything here, and if you search long enough, you will find it at the right price/quality level. You can furnish your house, fill your wardrobe, find Thai handicrafts and your next pet or goldfish, the soap or the scent you want....... It goes on, and in between there are great places for food and refreshments. Watch out for pickpockets, though, and they are not necessarily Thai! - Bands of Europeans (Gypsies) travel to Bangkok and ply their trade, too."

By Erik Klepzig

"Simply Amazing! You Can find anything! From clothes, souvenirs, essential oils until things to decorate your House or garden. You Can find Good places to eat traditional Thai food as well. Sure, it's a Must do!"

By Agatha Figueiroa

I didn't shop much over there, I just took 1 hour walked, 150 THB for sausages & drinks, bought a cap 220 THB,and bikini 480 THB for a suit. We couldn't stand the hot weather, we rest at Metro Mall for a while, and return to the hotel by taxi, it's 300 THB for 4 persons. After showered, then we took a nap, can feel our bodies are dehydrated.

After a wonderful nap, we go to Central World, bought 90THB cream puff from Baked A Wish while queuing for After You, cream puff is delicious, once you bite, the cream slowly dripping out, yummy ~  

Once we finish the cream puff, it's our turn to enter After You.
Tea time, hunt for dessert... Nom Nom Nom

They will provide you a number, and wait for your turn.

Check on their menu... What to have? All looks yummy ~ 

ChocMud Brownie (155 THB)

Sticky Toffee Toast (195 THB + 15 THB banana)

Pancake Choc Banana (175 THB)

Their other outlets & contact numbers

Done dessert, we then visit Red Sky Bar

Open Hours:
3p.m. - 1a.m.

Happy Hours:
3p.m. - 6p.m.

Dress code applies:
Smart Casual, Sport shoes
No flip flops, No singlets

Web site:

5 of us ordered drinks, chilling up there, enjoying the incredible 360-degree city views,
it cost us around 1,978 THB ~ It's a place you must visit ^_^

Dinner time ~!!! What's for dinner?
Let's visit Once upon a time
It sounds like we are entering a mysterious wonderland

1,651 THB for 6 persons with foods above

Food Rate: 3 stars
Taste almost the same we can get in Malaysia

Environment rate: 4 stars
Their environment, it's peaceful.
Services are good, and their workers are all wearing traditional clothes as uniforms 

Price rate: 3 stars
The portions of foods are little smaller as what we expected

Around 10p.m., we went for an hour leg massage, services are good and it's only cost each person 250 THB.

6 April 2015:

Wake up early in the morning, to have a walk at Pratunam Market,
check what else I missed, guess what... I spend another 1,304 THB on clothing's.

Then we went to the well know 云吞面
It's open at 9 a.m.

If you visit early in the morning, you need to queue at a long queue,
but if you go around 11 a.m. -12 p.m. you don't have to queue.



The portion of noodle are small, but portion of rice it's just nice. I recommend 猪脚饭 more then 云吞面,not because of the portion, due to the taste of 猪脚饭 is more tasty.

After lunch, today our activities are free & easy, so every couple visit the place they wanted to go. Some of them went to Big C Superstore, what's over there?

"Big C is one of the biggest supermarket chains in Thailand and at their Ratchadamri store you will find all the products you would expect: fresh produce, home appliances, discount fashion and a large alcohol selection. You will find lots of discounted items at Big C, as well as services in the building that might make it a worthwhile stop. Big C is actually situated on the second and third floors; on the ground floor you will find a range of high street fashion shops, discount jewellers, a vitamin centre and a bank."

Copy from

We went for a walk at Central World due to we spend too much, and left not much cash in hand to shop at Big C. Not just because of that, our luggage are full, but it's okay, we found lots of cute art decorations in Central World, that allow us to took lots of photos as memories, which it's money can't buy ^_^ Feel the love.

We finally felt hungry after a long walked,
and we noticed there are discount promotion at  Santa FE 
so we queue for it ^_^

Guess what? It's full house

Chicken Chop with Black Paper Source

Pork Chop + Sausage with Black Paper

We ordered mineral drink, and all these only cost us 262THB for 2 persons

There is a market behind Pratunam Market

Here are some foods we get from Seven Eleven, you may request to reheat them in the outlet, and they are delicious.

Cheesy + Ham Sandwich

All are yummy !!!

This is The Place !!!
It's the restaurant name:  The Place 

Look at their adorable menus, so cute & colourful

Served 3 dishes of vegetables

1 dish of steam fish

2 types of curry

Desserts ~ !!!

Foods + drinks + desserts
All only cost 1,800 THB for 8 of us

Supper time !!!
At Honggi BBQ 洪记烧烤

All the foods, beers cost 8 of us 1,500 THB
Yummy !!!

7 April 2015:

Breakfast at McDonald cost us 250THB

We had our lunch at 云吞面 again,
2 persons including drinks are only 150THB

High-tea at Starbucks

And it's time to say bye bye to Bangkok.
We depart to Don Muang Airport by hotel's minibus, it is a little more expensive,
it cost 8 of us 1,400 THB.

We had our dinner at Mee fan mean's Noodle & Rice, it's located at the 1st floor of Don Muang Airport.

Beautiful decoration for their coming New Year

Look at meals above? All of us ordered set meals,
and they only cost us 1,006 THB for 4 persons.

We were in the boarding hall waiting for our flight returning to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Time really flies so fast, do really enjoy, had so much fun,
and I am starting to miss them so much.

Enjoy AirAsia delicious Chicken Rice + Coke
with fabulous views accompanient

And we are back in KLIA2, Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2.

See you guys again, in my next post ^_^


  1. wow very long post
    Bangkok is in my wishlist for visiting
    so much fun in thailand

    1. It's really a llllooooonnnnnngggg post
      Because it's 4D3N and we visited few interesting places

      I already miss them
      Bangkok is getting more and more advance
      You have to visit there

      Do hope you enjoy reading it ^_^


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