Jonker Street (Night Visit)

28 March 2014

I am so excited, this is my very 1st time visited Jonker Street during the night time.

From the entire street, you can see people selling toys, clothes, caps, foods, handmade/ crafts, and etc. What really attracted me that day, the colourful street fulled of joy, people, lights, and etc.

 (This image is taken from

What really attracted me that night, Titi Kwok's freezer magnet stickers.

Chinese Name Seal Carving, Soapstone

Every word RM15 and took around 15 minutes will be done.

Calligraphy name & poem

What you need to do is provide your mandarin name/ Chinese name, and she will make you a poem.

Will visit Melaka again ^_^
Love to visit Melaka so much

 Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia