Absolute Viet (Setiawalk)

15 March 2015:

  Today it's like usual weekend, spending some time with my bf. Right after the movie, we are thinking what's for dinner, then we came across ABSỘLUTE VIỆT, it's just next to BlueCube, and we decided to give it a try.

Once we stepped into it. We felt warm, and I noticed there are lots of families, couples,
and group of friends gathered over here to enjoy their dinner,
and spending sometimes chit chatting with each others.

I ordered Lemongrass Pork Chop (RM15.90)
The pork tastes sweet, but match with their chili sauce, it's just nice.
Brings a little sweet and sour, not really spicy, just nice.

He ordered Tomato Noodle with 2 sidelines, pork & chicken slices (RM13.90)
I love the taste of the soup so much.
They also provided a lot of bean sprouts.
You will be satisfied after finish this meal,
because it's included with the pork & chicken slices.

We also ordered Lemongrass Tea Cup, and Mint Soda
(We enjoy them so much ^_^)

Curious why do it called ABSỘLUTE VIỆT? It's absolutely a Vietnamese cuisine, Must try ^_~ 

Absolute Viet
i-5-G, Block i, Setia Walk,
Persiaran Wawasan PBP,
47160 Puchong

Tel : 03-5879 0522