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Sapone (Malacca)

31 August 2014:

Found a Soap Shop ~!!! One of my favorite shops to visit. Why?

Le me share with you, what can soap do?

Body wash (head-to-toe)CollectionFragrance (in car, wardrobe, room, and etc.)DecorationGifts

It's so surprising to me, nowadays there are soap for pets. I bought a small bag of Lemongrass soap fragrance, it can be placed in your car, wardrobe, or room, it also can be used for showering. It only cost me RM8, there are 4 mini soap in a small bag, you may refer as the image below:

Adorable? You may buy it as a gift as well ^_^ I bought few other soaps as a gift to my relatives too.

26 September 2014:

Guess what, this time I come to Melacca to work, before depart back to KL, I don't miss my chance of stopping by at Sapone, and bought a few soaps for myself, and a few for my friends as gifts ^_^

This shop is located at:
Sapone 95, Lorong Hang Jebat, 75200 Malacca City, Malaysia
Phone +6062818151 +6012 238 9919 +6012 6018677

Red Handicrafts (Malacca)

31 August 2014:
There is 1 unique shop name Red Handicrafts, you will notice it's on your left while you walk towards Jonker Street from Casa Del Rio Melaka.

What do they sell?
They sell handicrafts, traditional Chinese paper crafts, old paper planes, playing cards with some traditional images, and so many more.

This shop has attracted me, so many things I never see before and some are things that we used to own, but due to current technology change, we don't keep them anymore.

Mod's Cafe (Malacca)

31 August 2014:

Mod's Cafe
It's located near to 3 temples and it's at the same lane/ roll with Titi Art Gallery.

The environment here is very suiting, it was playing classic sentimental songs while we are enjoying their coffee, and dessert. Besides, it's a nice place, full of unique style of decorations, awesome place to snap photos.

Location: 14, Jalan Tokong, Malacca.
Phone: 012-756 4441

Malacca One Day Trip/ Joker Street

31 August 2014:

Today myand I came to Malacca for a 1 day trip, it's funny, and very sweet memory trip.

We started our journey around 10:30am, from Subang Jaya, Selangor. On the way to Malacca, we had our Subway sandwich in the car, listen to music, and shared some jokes. Time flies, and we arrive Malacca around 12pm due to some jam around Seremban highway.
When we were entering Jonker Street, there is a jam near Jonker Gallery. Our car was stuck at the cornering for about 15 - 30 minutes, I managed to walk down the car, walked towards the shop just right in front of me, chosen and bought some delicious biscuits and get back into the car.
We parked our car at a car park, it's just right in front of Casa Del Rio Melaka (Address: 88, Jalan Laksamana 1,75200 Melaka.). It's RM3 per entrance, RM5 for weekend & public holiday. Walking distance towards Jonker Street are very near, it's very convenient too.
We would not miss the chance of visiting Jonker 88 for their famous Cen…

Titi Art Gallery (Malacca)

31 August 2014:

Today we explored an art gallery name Titi Art Gallery in Malacca. The artist name is Titi Kwok also known as Kwok Yong Chee, he is a very nice and humble man.

I am in love with his painting, it came in different sizes. I bought his artworks, which had printed on the magnet, it cost me only RM10 for 3 pieces. My boyfriend and I fall in love with a huge canvas painting full with fishes, that cost around RM900, it's not very expensive. We do wish one day, it will be on our own living room's wall.

If you are interested to know more about Titi Art Gallery, and view some of his artworks, pleaseclick here or scroll down the page. Besides, you may also add him thru his Facebook.

If you are interested to buy his painting, you may call him at +60126696630.

I found an article written "About Titi Art Galleryby

"Titi Kwok also known as Kwok Yong Chee was born in an art background family. His father also his…

Hotel Review: J Hotel (Sutera, Johor Bahru)

27 Aug 2014:

J Hotel, located in Johor near to Sutera Mall; walking distance from Sutera Mall.

The hotel looks small but it's comforting to stay in, and the interior of the lobby, it's so unique and fashionable. Besides, love their room's wall colour a lot, and it's so cozy :)

Around this hotel, there are many varieties of restaurants, so you do not have to worry about foods. There are Japanese, Chinese, Western foods and etc. Their famous 娃娃樂苦瓜汤 it's just right opposite the hotel.



89,Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3
Taman Sutera Utama
Skudai Johor 81300
GPS: 1.515549, 103.669968

Reservation Services: T: (607) 557 7700
F: (607) 557 5009

NEW Longchamp bag for SALE

25 August 2014:
Longchamp (NEW) RM350
Hurry up ~! 1st come 1st serve

If you are interested, kindly drop your comment or PM me in WeChat :rabbitjoanne

letting go pre-loved Gucci handbag in mint condition for RM1,600

16 Aug 2014:

RM1,600 (SOLD) If interested, please do leave comment.

(JPJ) Car License Malaysia 2014

05 August 2014:

What am I doing here early in the morning 8am?
I was at JPJ Cawangan Petaling Jaya at Jalan Sultan.

Most of them are open at:
HariWaktu Perkhidmatan KaunterRehatWaktu Perkhidmatan KaunterIsnin - Khamis7.45 pagi - 1.00 tengahari1.00 petang - 2.00 petang2.00 petang - 5.00 petangJumaat7.45 pagi - 12.15 tengahari12.15 tengahari - 2.45 petang2.45 petang - 5.00 petangIt's best you double check thru their website

The car license renews fee for 1 year is RM30.

If you lost your car license, don't get panic, just get to your nearest police station to make a report and pay RM2. Don't forget to bring along a photocopy of your IC.

As you can see, JPJ is open at 7:45am, and it's always full with people as usual, but the service nowadays surprised me. It's only taken me about 35 minutes to receive my new car license from the time I stepped into the JPJ.

Step 01: Queue to take your number.

Step 02: Wait for your turn.

Step 03: Pay as you reques…

Bihada Lesson 2014 at JR Le Beaute

03 August 2014:

I am invited to attend Bihada Lesson 2014 at JR Le Beaute. This lesson is very interesting, it's about how to pamper your face, are you using the correct methods for daily facial? Let's find out.

Facial Teacher:Alice

In the morning, you may start with step 1, and for evening/ after work, If you do apply any makeup, do remove it with makeup remover, and proceed with step 1.

Step 1:
Round 1 cleansing.
Step 2: Round 2 cleansing Foam.

Everyone is enjoying ^_^

Step 2 cleansing foam, you are asked to make lots of bubbles, then you gently apply them on your face.

Step 3: Toner Pour a little on facial cotton and softly tap on your face.

Step 4:
Massage (night time only)
You may apply it daily during the night

Step 5:

Bazaar at Setiawalk (1 - 3 Aug 2014)

3 August 2014:
There is a bazaar at Shanghai Street, Setiawalk, don't miss it, 1-3 August 2014.
All are handmade/ craft, very creative and interesting. There are more. Come to check it out.

Today is the last day. Let's help some children ^_^ Your contribution, their hope.