One Day Trip in Sekinchan (适耕庄)

27 April 2014:

Hello Sekinchan ~ !!! I am back, but this time I have come with my.

(This map does help a lot, you may download it here.)

Sekinchan Temples & Paddy Field

 Green Paddy Field - Sorry for showing my sexy butt :)


We managed to visit 2 temples, and the paddy field in the morning. Saw teenagers were practicing drum and lion dance, and looking at those hard working farmers in the green paddy field, make us feel so warm.

Brunch time ~ !!!We were recommended by a friend to visit The Harbour Cafe but it's close so we went to MaMawe Cafe, the environment, it's relaxing, and they have a separate section for the low noise area, kind of interesting because it's decorated with sofa seats, but the foods are kind of salty.

We visited Fisherman Village & Redang Beach, but we couldn't get to take a nice view of photos. At Fisherman Village, we didn't manage to find the entrance and the weather was so warm. At Redang Beach, we pray at a small temple and make a wish at our chanting rope and swing it on top to the tree, the higher is better. The beach is full of tourists and hawkers, so we decided to relax ourselves by having a nice cold drink. 

On the way back to KL from Sekinchan, we passed by Kuala Selangor and we visited another temple (3rd temple of the day), it's the last station of our trip.

I didn't manage to get the side view of this temple, it's structure to look like a cave, very unique, hope we will get to visit soon with a better weather.

09 Nov 2014:

Sekinchan, this time we have come in a group with a few friends, repeated visits temple and visited some new places, for example: Paddy Village Factory.


  1. I visited Sekinchan many years ago
    just went to paddy field
    we not going temple
    the cave temple I been there before, yes it's unique
    let's follow each thru gfc or g+

    1. Sure, alright :) and thank you for reading my blog


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