Tips: What to do during MCO?

It's been days after Movement Controlled Order in our country implemented and I guess this is now the time to start getting back on my blog (Sorry, been neglecting it for quite some time).

So, I've been working from home before the MCO announced. There is quite some 'me time' for the self-talk and thinking about what and how I can be better.

These are the things that I have tried when I stay at home: 

1. Learn/ Study
  - Soapmaking
  - Improve videos skills (JoVV金狮猫 is my new Gaming Youtube Channel)
  - Improve Adobe Photoshop skills
  - Improve marketing skills (Join webinar, read more articles)
  - Save money (Monthly create an excel file for records. This is how I usually manage my finances, and it works perfectly)

2. Tidy home/ room
  - Donate unwanted clothes
  - Throw away expired cosmetics
  - Rearrange furniture

3. Get lean, not skinny

  - Eat healthily (Keto diet)
  - Indoor exercises (FigureRobics or Tabata Workouts)

4. A Healthy Lifestyle
  - Sleep 6 to 8 hours per day (Nowadays I usually sleep at 12am and wake up at 8am
  - Get some nap in the afternoon during weekends; mind relaxing.

5. Stay connected with my friends and family
  - Chat or video call them via WhatsApp/ Zoom/ Skype
  - Play Pokemon Go with my mom and husband
  - Play PUBG Mobile with my friends
  - Stay together? That's the best time to communicate with each other

These are the things I have done during my time. How about you? What have you learned/acquire during this stay at home time?


  1. You know what? Despite the MCO, my sleeping habits are still horrible. LOL I still don't get the 7-8 hours of sleep because I am having a hard time going to sleep early.

    Also, really happy to see one of your video has over 100 views...I am sure it will kick off really soon! Just keep going at recording it ya sis! Don't give up <3

    And your blog looks super tidy now...did you change the layout? Or is my memory super bad. hmmmm

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