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OYO empowers women to travel solo

I am a person who loves to travel! What about you?

In conjunction with International’s Women's Day, OYO Malaysia is celebrating women who are expressing their strength, determination and a keen sense of adventure through solo travel.
Tan Ming Luk, Country Head, OYO Hotels Malaysia shared, “As a company that’s committed to making travel safe, affordable and accessible to everyone, we celebrate and support every woman who feels empowered to embrace solo travel. In 2020, solo travel among women is expected to see further growth, with 80% of women travellers choosing to travel solo[1]. At OYO, we want to offer the best options for women when it comes to hospitality for their solo travel experiences. We are always delighted to hear positive findings of Malaysia as a destination of choice for women, for example, that we are the world’s most welcoming country for solo female Muslim travellers[2].”
Let’s hear from five adventurous women who have embraced solo travel, and learn tips they have…