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KOJO Mixed Enzymes | Shaneo KOJO ENZYME | Helps To Detox And Increase Metabolism

Basically, you know me as a Blogger/ Youtuber/ Influencer. I am working full-time and freelance as a Multimedia Designer. Nowadays, most of us work more than 1 job, agree? With so many workloads and housework, we do not even have time for exercise, to a facial saloon, or gym and etc.

As mentioned, I work full-time and freelance, freelance means we work from home; work after a full-time job. Work as freelance affects my weight due to lack of sleep, it reflects my health and skin condition because 1 relates another. That makes me frustrated until I discover something amazing recently and it changes me, and I would love to share with all of you!

It called KOJO Mixed Enzymes, the enzyme is very important for our whole-body systems, I get interested in it because it's 100% all-natural, and certified plant-based mixed digestive enzymes.

Let me share you some information about KOJO Mixed Enzymes

The Benefits
Help to detox.Help to absorb the nutrients from food & drinks.Help the body in br…

D' Munch Kitchen 豬多飽 @ Petalz Residences, Old Klang Road

Hey Hey ~ It's been a while, I was busy with works, and now I am back!

If you are a pork lover, you are on the right page!

It's a must for you to visit D'Munch Kitchen (豬多飽)D'Munch Kitchen is a Chinese Cuisine Restaurant, which is located at Petalz Residences, Old Klang Road. The parking is FREE, all you need to bring along is your ID Card for the record.

I love the way how they serve me drinks, it's in a bowl, I find it's cute and unique.

Today I tried the food listed below

D'Munch Lor BakRM10 ❤️ "I am a person who seldom eats Lor Bak, and I find thisis delicious"

Bok Choy/ Choy Sum Start from RM8
"Bak Choy and Choy Sum are common dishes but it's best to have vegetable serve with pork to balance your meal intakes."

Vinegar Pork TrottersRM15 ❤️ "HmmMmm...Yummy! I love it" Must Try

Braised Pork & Innards RM15 ❤️ "Gosh! This is nice! My bf loves it so much" Must Try