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1 + 1 Be Simplify Beauty Glamogenic

July 16, 2019 - At 2:30pm today is, Australian skincare brand Glamogenic(1 + 1 Be Simplify Beauty) official launched in Kuala Lumpur. The brand was created to allow everyone no matter male or female, to revive the skin, making everyone beautiful and radiant, thus increasing self-confidence.

Glamogenic's doctor has more than 30 years of experience in the beauty sector and skincare industry has developed the professional series skincare products. Through the formula, the 1+1 method allows each consumer with different needs to find a unique face and body care series.

However, Glamogenic is not just about personal facial skin problems, but also concern the beauty and care of your overall body contours, as well as every detail of life. This brand promises to keep every consumer who relied on Glamogenic skincare products bright and radiant at all times and to find their own beauty.

Glamogenic understands the requirements and the needs of consumers through market analysis, so it is unanimou…