Dull Skin Dehydrated Treatment by Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment

Nowadays, not only women, men nowadays do apply cosmetics too, the cleansing step is important. Some of you might think you don't apply cosmetics, but your skin accumulates dust, and by washing with water is never enough.

Other than that, people always not to bother their healthy lifestyle, such as not having nutritious foods and do not have enough night sleep; I understand Malaysia has lots of nightlife fun and all the delicious sinful foods. On the other hand, we, Malaysian daily facing the glaring sun, or stay indoor with air-conditioned causing skin oily, dehydration, uneven skin tone, allergies and etc.

Today I would like to introduce you, Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment.

Do you know Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment
is also known as Wake Up Younger Every Day

Our skin cells renew and repair between the magic hours of 11 and midnight. This is when cells need and absorb nutrients the most, and supplying our body with everything it needs help the anti-aging function goes into overdrive.

Understanding the importance of sleep and its effect on the skin, Murad raises the bar with Night Fix Enzyme Treatment that encourages the skin to repair itself overnight. As the recent study also found that the skin loses water three times faster at night, Murad incorporated ingredients that can help skin retain water, prevent overnight skin dehydration, while supporting natural repair. As a result, you will notice visible minimized fine lines, a generous boost of hydration and more radiant looking complexion.

This is a very straight forward product review of Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment. I stopped all of my night time skin care products and use Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment for 5-days. See the result by yourself, pictures without editing.

Day 1
There are marks & scars on my left cheek, left forehead, and 1 or 2 pimples on the right cheek.

Day 2
Just applied for 1 night, I am able to see the difference. The marks & scars on the left cheek, left forehead are lighter. Pimple on the right is healing and my skin gets brighten.

Day 5

My skin is glowing, gradient, and marks on the forehead getting lighter day by day. I am glad, after 5-days of restful sleep and resulting from Murad Night Fix Enzyme Treatment, I gain a healthier-looking skin! 

"If I am able to regain healthier and younger looking skin, so do you!"







Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.


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