Siti Jamumall Wedding was sponsored RM500 Thousand!

Photo credit to Ieyra

I was invited to a young and adorable lady name Siti Suriani & Shafiq Wedding. She was known as Siti Jumumall, she is a lady who does Facebook Live on introducing products. What really surprised me is her wedding was sponsored of RM500 thousand! (RM500,000)

At first, Siti Jamumall planned to run a wedding similar to others, but after she posted on Facebook, she received calls and messages from products founders, shop owners and more on sponsoring for her Big Day! She was touched, there are around 100 companies turn up to sponsor products on her wedding day.

"She never thought of this coming, after hardworking of 3 years, she became the promoter/ host for and selling several cosmetics, health care products, fashion, and foods.", said Siti Jamumall.

Photo credit to Ieyra

All this while, Siti Jamumall sincerely promote products with her heart, from unwell-known products to be viral, and being known by others. That's why they appreciate Siti's efforts. Her wedding registration, pre-wedding, wedding ceremony, actually wedding day, and even honeymoon package are being sponsored by them!

Photo credit to Ieyra

"I love the Chicken Satay, it's so tasty."

Photo credit to Ieyra

Photo credit to Ieyra

Photo credit to Ieyra

Photo credit to Ieyra

"Otak-Otak, Johor Laksa, and most of the foods are delicious!"

Photo credit to Ieyra

Photo credit to Ieyra


1. Pelamin dan Hiasan Dewan by Wedding by emma

2. Baju Pengantin dari Dlia Jane Bridal Collection

3. Grand Cake by Mad About Cake

4. Vip Menu dari Rumpun Selera

5. Coffe Es-Cream by Ana Zahra Beauty

6. Jamu dari Seri Lady Empire Resources

7. Tudung Bawal  Bridesmaids by Gallery Bawal

8. Kain Pasang Diamond by Irahsukri

9. Telekung by Pretty Aini

10. Make Up Set by Zacthira Navillionniza

11. Scarf by Scarft By Mehrun

12. Printed Box by Art Creation Printing

13. Perfume by Luxe Essencia Resources

14. Honeymoon Pakej by Arwana Resort

I believe most of us wish to have such a remarkable wedding and get sponsorships, but nothing comes easily, you have to work hard and earn for what you want.

"Start now, it's never too late"

Disclaimer: This is a paid post. All thoughts and opinions expressed herein are my own.