Pak John Steamboat & BBQ @ IOI City Mall

What's my favourite food?

I love to eat Thai Cuisine, Cha Soba, Tempura, Chicken Chop/ Pork Chop, and nowadays I love Steamboat & BBQ, not only on raining days.

Today it's all about Steamboat & BBQ, I am on diet meal and steamboat it's healthy, if you select the right soup base and ingredients, for example:

  • Herbal Chicken Soup
  • Miso Soup
  • Kim Chi Soup

I recommend these 3 soups as it's not too spicy and sweet. Besides, don't forget to drink more water.

Recently I visited Pak John Steamboat & BBQ at IOI City Mall, which is located facing towards the road, with outdoor and indoor choices. I will surely pick indoor cause of air conditional ... hahaha

I love steamboat, not only they have varieties of foods, such as chicken, beef, lamb, vegetables, seafood! And it's Not Pork-Free (Halal), so Malay friends are welcome to visit :) They even have juices, ice cream and dessert. You may refer their menu and make reservation by click here. They do not have Kim Chi Soup, I hope 1 day they will have it :)

I love it because while you eating steamboat with family and friends, we are able to chit-chat, jokes, and take foods for each others, it's so warm (actually, I just want to eat lesser and drink more soup ... hahaha), are you the same as I? Most important, we are allow to mingle around, there are no time limitation like other steamboat restaurants.

I am being lucky, as I accidentally left my water bottle at the restaurant, so I contacted them thru Facebook, they are so efficient, they found and keep it for me, such friendly and good services, I will definitely visit them again.

Share with me, why do you like Steamboat & BBQ so much?